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Vitamin G (Vitamin Green) is a term use to describe the effects of green space on people’s health and happiness. With the leading-edge Resort Homes model, Kusto Home leaves 85 per cent greenery space and many amenities to ensure that the inhabitants of Diamond Island get sufficient vitamin G.

Vitamin G: natural nutrition for children, stress buster for adults

A lot of research shows that living in a natural environment significantly improves children’s mind and body. A research in Spain found that children are able to increase short-term memory 5 percent when playing with nature. In addition, their ability of concentration obviously rises.

Researches also point out that 40 minutes/day playing amid greenery place reduces myopia by 23 percent, which has assumed epidemic proportions in Asian countries.

Furthermore, children who take part in outdoor activities will have better skeletal systems since their body can synthesize Vitamin D3 under sunlight.

Children who take part less in outdoor activities face an 18 per cent greater risk of obesity compared to those who often play in the garden. These are noticeable dangers for kids living in buildings with less greenery space.

For busy adults, green spaces help bust stress. Studies in the UK found that when green living spaces increase, cortisol (stress hormone) secretion in the body decreases.

A Dutch research found that gardening for 30 minutes improves positive emotions and reduces stress hormones. Thus, due to its lack of space and low green density, Ho Chi Minh City (lower than 4m2/person) green spaces are perceived as the most important criterion when buying a house by modern citizens who appreciate the importance of family values.

Located in the centre of the city, Diamond Island rises up at the intersection of two rivers, Saigon and Giong Ong To. Though it is just a 10-minute drive from downtown, it offers you a different experience and shelters you from the bustle of the city.

Diamond Island, initiator of luxury lifestyle in nature

Diamond Island has been developed based on the resort homes model, or apartments with luxurious amenities surrounded by nature, still possess qualities of a house with convenient location & accessible amenities.

With its Resort Homes model, Kusto Home offers modern citizens a luxury lifestyle amid nature.

Surrounded on three sides by river, Diamond Island provides a uniquely tranquil environment that is strategically located only ten minutes from the city center and adjacent to the newly emerging heart of Ho Chi Minh City in Thu Thiem. The architecture & the location create a sustainable environment in which the natural elements of win, water & light closely linked together.

With 85% of the green space area and other amenities, Diamond Island is the source of “qualified” Vitamin G, which is hard to find in the heart of the city.

The green density on the island is 16m2/person, or equal to that in developed countries like the US, Japan, and Singapore (world average is 10-15m2).

At Diamond Island, Kusto Home has a playground for the children, an over-flowing swimming pool for the family, an outdoor BBQ area, which do not only encourage children to interact more with nature, but also create a space for the family to gather after work or during weekends.

There are 250 resort homes apartments in The Brilliant tower, where phase 1 is finished, with most residents being foreigners.

According to Kusto Home, phase 2 will have more outstanding amenities to bring more vitamin G to residents, such as taxi service, waterpark for children, a 1000m2 international-standard swimming pool.

Mr. Sergey Nam, deputy general manager of Kusto Home, promises to be loyal to the philosophy bringing in the success of Diamond Island: “Instead of maximising the area to maximise the profit, the focus is on human factors to bring humans closer to nature.”


The children at Diamond Island have chance to interact with Vitamin G everyday, which ensures the development of their brain and physique comprehensively.

Special offer from Kusto Home: DIAMOND FOR A NEW YEAR SHINING. Register NOW to win the lucky prize:

o Hotline: 0938 480 888

o Website: www.diamondisland.com.vn 


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