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Understanding Your Risk Profile
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Understanding Your Risk Profile

Investment carries a certain amount of risk. That risk comes with some pain, but some gain as well. It is clear that you cannot simply assemble your investment portfolio without considering a number of potential risks and rewards. In other words, you should find a way to balance your tolerance for risk and your desire to build wealth. Some people are willing to take a higher risk for higher returns. Others do not accept any risk. Some may sit somewhere in the middle. Understanding your risk profile is the very first key step to help investors get gain without pain.

Zooming in your risk profile

Investment goals: An investor needs to know why he is investing in certain assets. Is it to protect his wealth? Is it a wish for regular income from his savings? Is it to realize significant growth of his capital or maybe to have future reserves? The answers tell the investor how to allocate his assets. For example, if his objective is short-term, such as saving for a car, he tends not to take any risk and might prefer to keep it in a deposit account. On the other hand, for someone who is glad to see his capital grow significantly over a long period, a higher proportion of equities with greater returns is an ideal one. Different objectives result in diverse porfolios!

Risk attitude: It is an emotional response to any changes in the value of the investment porfolio. An investor with a high risk tolerance tends to choose more aggressive investments such as stocks or property. A more cautious response is to frequently focus on preserving capital and low-risk investments, leading to a choice for bonds and deposits. No matter how fluctuating in value your investment may be, always control your emotion!

Investing is a balancing art

Cash flow: It relates to an investor’s income and expenses as well as assets and debts, now and  in the future. It is also one of the key components determining the investor’s profile. For instance, someone who relies on his investment to meet his daily living expenses will feel less comfortable facing the risk of losses.

Time horizons: The maximum period an investor is able to invest without needing his money for other usage is referred to as his investment horizon. Remember, your risk tolerance will shift from time to time. For the long term, say you may prefer to hold some stocks, bonds or property. On the other hand, for a very short term, cash or saving accounts may be a more preferable choice.

Choosing your own strategic partner is a shortcut to success

We cannot say what will be winning or failing investments in the years ahead. Each investor has his own unique strategy and comes with a certain asset allocation strategy – it may be equities, fixed income, alternatives and liquidities, or a mix.

Your strategic business partner

FE CREDIT is the leading player in the consumer finance market. The company has constantly improved its procedures and infrastructure to bring about better products and services to customers, yet ensured a stringent risk management framework and created powerful human resources in order to secure its sustainable growth.

This enables FE CREDIT to focus on prevention of bad debt and reducing risk. Across the emerging markets, FE CREDIT has proven to be among the best in risk reduction. Qualification criteria are constantly updated and developed. Learning about the customers’ developing buying needs and financial habits is simply a must. At FE CREDIT, benchmarking with the world’s best practices is a refined, fact-based balancing act to create profitable portfolios.

Fruitful investment for sustained profitability, with a considerably minimized risk with FE CREDIT


Over the past seven years, FE CREDIT has served more than 5 million customers, expanded its cooperation network with 5,500 partners as well as developed nearly 9,000 points of sales nationwide, in providing the advanced products, from personal loans, two-wheeler loans and consumer durables loans to credit cards. Moreover, the value of the FE CREDIT brand is also presented by noteworthy and respected national and international awards, including Best Consumer Finance Company Vietnam 2016; Best Consumer Finance Brand Vietnam 2016; Top Brands Vietnam 2016, Vietnam Excellent Brand Award 2016and Best Consumer Finance Brand Southeast Asia 2017.

Seize the sound win-win growth opportunities with FE CREDIT. Visit our website at: or call (028) 39 115 212 or email:| for further enquiries.


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