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 Pepper farms on Phu Quoc Island

By Huy Nguyen in HCMC
Tuesday,  Jun 1,2010,22:35 (GMT+7)
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 Pepper farms on Phu Quoc Island

By Huy Nguyen in HCMC

A pepper farm on Phu Quoc Island Photo: Huy Nguyen
Phu Quoc Island is not only famous for its stunning beaches and splendid islets but also for its vast green pepper farms which are attracting the curiosity of tourists.

Most of the north of Phu Quoc is overwhelmed by pepper farms which are developing into eco-tourism sites. Visiting the farms, tourists can enjoy a quiet green space and witness the way farmers take care of their pepper trees. In the twelfth month of the lunar calendar, the time for pepper harvest, visitors will be dazzled by the red color of the ripe pepper as the leaves all fall.

Locals sell dried peppers as an indigenous specialty. “Peppers here are crispier than peppers in other regions due to the weather and soil of the island,” said Mai, an owner of a pepper farm. She added, “Farmers on the island do not use chemical fertilizers but organic fertilizers and dry peppers under the sunlight instead of by machine as in other regions.”

Farmers have started growing aloe wood trees together with the peppers so visitors to the farms will be treated to a fragrant mixture of aloe wood and peppers. Aloe wood is used to make medicine.

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