Better late than never
Friday,  Jun 24,2016,18:10 (GMT+7)
Forest destruction, especially in the Central Highlands, remains a major headache. Deforestation has taken a heavy toll on the ecosystem and the environment, which is evident in serious land erosion, animal habitat reduction, landslides and flooding. The problem has reached a point where the Government has had to act to stop the rapid pace of forest destruction.
Positive steps
Friday,  Jun 17,2016,11:12 (GMT+7)
Top leaders in Vietnam have reiterated the importance of promoting transparency and integrity among State officials as the only way to win public confidence. However, this seems to be a daunting task as there have remained problems with transparency and integrity, especially in the appointment of high ranking officials. In recent weeks, the former Minister of Industry and Trade, Vu Huy Hoang, has come under close scrutiny over two officials who are suspected of involvement in huge losses at enterprises but have still risen through the ranks.
Change for growth
Friday,  Jun 10,2016,15:20 (GMT+7)
As the biggest economic center of Vietnam, HCMC is feeling tied by a slew of prevailing regulations. It is desperate for a special governance mechanism so that the metropolis will be able to grow faster and thus fuel development in the rest of the nation.
A damaged reputation
Friday,  Jun 3,2016,17:21 (GMT+7)
With C2 green tea and Rong Do (Red Dragon) energy drink banned from the store shelves over higher-than-allowed lead content, consumers must be worrying about their health at the moment. The two popular beverages have been available on the market for years on end and favored by youngsters and children. Many customers are facing the possibility of lead poisoning. Lead is a toxic metal that is harmful to human health even at low levels of exposure since it can bioaccumulate in the body of the consumer over time.
Obama and TPP
Friday,  May 27,2016,02:47 (GMT+7)
One of the priorities of President Barack Obama’s visit to Vietnam was to promote the ratification of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. However, the crux of the problem is whether the U.S. President is able to make it possible on the other side of the equation. That is whether he can persuade the U.S. Congress to pass the TPP in the remaining time of his presidency. Otherwise, if he fails to do so, what would become of the TPP under the new U.S. president?
A worthwhile act
Friday,  May 20,2016,21:42 (GMT+7)
The photos showing a couple of foreigners cleaning up a clogged canal in Hanoi have gone viral on social media over the past few days. Their act has attracted the admiration of local residents as it is surely difficult to find locals who are ready to collect trash from a filthy canal as a community service.
A controversial project
Friday,  May 13,2016,19:35 (GMT+7)
Negative impacts of small hydropower projects have been felt in different parts of the country. They have led to forest destruction, flash floods and lack of water for irrigation. Over the years, the Government and local authorities have scrapped many projects due to low economic efficiency but high social and environmental costs.
Doing the right thing
Friday,  May 6,2016,17:01 (GMT+7)
Vung Tau City, more than 100 km from HCMC, has finally done what should have been done long before to restore its image as a seaside destination for tourists. In the recent Reunification Day and International Labor Day holiday, beaches in the southern city of Vung Tau were surprisingly cleaner than before.
Food poisoning fear
Friday,  Apr 29,2016,22:32 (GMT+7)
The recent mass fish deaths along the central coast have rattled nerves as an explanation given on Wednesday by the environment ministry is inadequate to appease the nervous public. While investigations into the cause of the fish deaths are still underway, another threat is looming large as local residents have been rushing to beaches to collect dead fish to sell to traders even though they do not know what would be done with the fish.
Friday,  Apr 22,2016,19:30 (GMT+7)
That the police of HCMC’s Binh Chanh District are insistent on charging the owner of a coffee shop with illegally doing business has stoked strong public criticism. The decisions of the police and the prosecution to file criminal proceedings against the coffee shop owner’s trivial violations are described as unreasonable, unnecessary, premature and heavy-handed. Lawyers say the police reports used as a basis to file the charges contain errors but the city police department still affirms there is some legal ground for filing legal proceedings.
Be careful
Friday,  Apr 15,2016,19:06 (GMT+7)
Hydropower is a vital source of energy for fueling the country’s economic growth, but undeniably, hydropower projects leave negative impact on the environment and people’s livelihoods as well. Therefore, two hydropower projects planned inside a nature reserve in the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai have been met with public reactions. Opponents say they violate the laws on forest protection and biodiversity and have a slew of environmental implications.
Friday,  Apr 8,2016,21:09 (GMT+7)
Vietnamese economists have long voiced concerns about the country’s heavy economic dependence on China, alleging certain groups and individuals have got kickbacks from Chinese contractors. Many big-ticket projects have been awarded to Chinese firms even though Chinese contractors are notorious for delays, cost overruns and low construction quality.
Damage done
Friday,  Apr 1,2016,22:26 (GMT+7)
As Vietnam is working towards building a state governed by the rule of law, one of the popular ways for settling disputes is to go to court. But in reality, multiple businesses have chosen to not bring their disputes to court; they have resorted to improper methods, instead.
Dangers of scrap
Friday,  Mar 25,2016,20:41 (GMT+7)
The massive explosion in a residential area in Hanoi’s Ha Dong District last Saturday left five people dead and a dozen others injured, tens of houses heavily damaged and a growing sense of insecurity among residents in the area and elsewhere. People are anxious as the explosion took place at a house used for storing and dismantling scrap, including unexploded wartime bombs.
It won’t help
Friday,  Mar 18,2016,23:45 (GMT+7)
As drought and saltwater intrusion have left serious impact on crops and millions of people’s lives, Vietnam is seeking help from the international community. China announced on Tuesday that it would release water from a dam in the upper reaches of the Mekong River to help ease drought in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. China said that from March 15 to April 10, it would discharge water from Jinghong hydropower reservoir to help drought-hit areas in the lower reaches of the river, including Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand.
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