A headache
Friday,  Aug 28,2015,08:50 (GMT+7)
Millions of employers and workers in Vietnam must be suffering stress as their representatives have been clashing over how much the region-based minimum wages should be raised next year. Every year, the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs and organizations including the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor (VGCL) on behalf of workers and the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) representing employers meet to discuss a minimum wage spike. This year they have had a tense discussion as they have not comprised.
As chaotic as ever
Friday,  Aug 21,2015,13:39 (GMT+7)
When the education ministry introduced a new rule that no longer requires costly and stressful college and university entrance examinations, both parents and students took a deep sigh of relief. Under the ministry’s current regulations, high school graduates use their graduation exam scores to apply for admission to university, instead of having to sit in university entrance exams following torturous graduation tests.
Wasteful spending
Friday,  Aug 14,2015,20:23 (GMT+7)
It is undeniably important to build works of educational and historical significance, but at a time when the State budget deficit is causing a headache for the Government, it is unacceptable to spend huge sums of money on those projects not directly promoting the well-being of the populace.
Friday,  Aug 7,2015,21:15 (GMT+7)
The placement of complimentary iced tea containers on the sidewalks for passers-by, especially the poor, to help them quench their thirst in the scorching heat is a simple good deed of city dwellers and praised by the public. However, such kindness has been met with indifference on the part of authorities as a free iced tea container in Hanoi has been recently confiscated by local law enforecement officers for encroaching on the pavement. But what is absurd is the tea tank is too small to occupy the sidewalk though many streets are occupied by commercial activities.
Self-help first
Friday,  Jul 31,2015,15:44 (GMT+7)
Although Vietnam has not officially joined any free trade agreements offering lower export and import tariffs on farm produce, poultry meat from Europe and America has been flooding the domestic market owing to their surprisingly low prices. This benefits consumers but threatens local producers.
National pride gets hurt
Friday,  Jul 24,2015,22:36 (GMT+7)
High economic growth has lined the pockets of many Vietnamese, fueling demand for overseas travel. This is evident in strong growth in outbound tour sales at local tourism companies in the country.
Lifting the burden
Friday,  Jul 17,2015,16:09 (GMT+7)
Many people must have taken a deep sigh of relief as the Ministry of Transport has proposed the Government stop collecting a controversial road maintenance fee from motorbike owners. This move is a clear indication that the measure is flawed.
Money does not always help
Friday,  Jul 10,2015,10:17 (GMT+7)
Burglaries are not rare as Vietnam remains a poor country. Stealing a desktop computer might not have been a big deal but for a boy who made big headlines in local media five years ago when he was found to suffer from violence and then got a hefty  VND800 million from generous philanthropists, the story is different.
No fun at all
Friday,  Jul 3,2015,11:41 (GMT+7)
For years, rocks have become a threat for passengers aboard vehicles, especially in the central region, as some youngsters have been playing a dangerous game: throwing stones at passing vehicles just for fun. Such stone-hurling incidents have been reported frequently in recent days, prompting law enforcement forces to act to stop this dangerous action. 
Shocking bills
Friday,  Jun 26,2015,09:01 (GMT+7)
Many households in different parts of the nation, especially in Hanoi, are reeling from the shock of exorbitant electricity bills for May and June. At first, many thought hot weather has resulted in a sudden pickup in power consumption but later found the new power pricing method is the culprit.
Friday,  Jun 19,2015,09:41 (GMT+7)
People who have survived a natural disaster often feel a sense of grief and loss, but citizens in Hanoi City must have vented anger over the serious lack of responsibility among certain authorities. Traveling on the street turns out to be more dangerous than ever as carelessly-planted trees may fall down on road users on a windy day.   
Friday,  Jun 12,2015,16:00 (GMT+7)
While the country is struggling with the rising budget deficit, the ongoing development of a huge cultural edifice known as Van Mieu (temple of literature) in the northern province of Vinh Phuc has stoked strong criticisms.
For the sake of workers
Friday,  May 29,2015,23:57 (GMT+7)
The Government has proposed the National Assembly revise Article 60 of the Law on Social Insurance in the wake of the March worker protests against it. What is this article about? It does not allow workers to get a lump-sum social insurance payout after they quit their job. Instead, they will have to wait until they retire so that they can get pensions.
Great danger
Friday,  May 22,2015,19:43 (GMT+7)
Traveling by road in Vietnam is never an easy task as poor infrastructure and management has led to traffic chaos in major cities, hence a lot of accidents. According to the National Traffic Safety Committee, more than 25,300 traffic accidents happened throughout the country last year, leaving nearly 9,000 people dead and 24,400 others seriously injured. While the public is scared by those figures, they now feel more insecure than ever as the Ministry of Transport has floated the idea of allowing heady duty motorcycles to travel on expressways which are now exclusively for autos.
Increasingly unsafe
Friday,  May 15,2015,16:24 (GMT+7)
Within a short period of time, a flurry of incidents have happened at metro line construction sites in Hanoi, making residents nearby and road users scared to death.
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