Private gains from public assets
Friday,  Dec 12,2014,16:51 (GMT+7)
Finally, the eight-year saga comes to a happy ending when Hoang Van Nghien, former chairman of Hanoi City government, agrees to hand over a villa in the capital city to the State. The former leader, who retired eight years ago and whose application to buy the official-use villa was then rejected, has rented the pricey property ever since, defying repeated calls by State agencies to return the villa. While the final outcome can be deemed satisfactory, disputes surrounding the handover give much food for thought over the loose management of State assets, as covered in local media these days.
To change or not to change
Friday,  Dec 5,2014,20:54 (GMT+7)
The balance is tilting towards open-mindedness when Transport Minister Dinh La Thang orders affiliated agencies to take into prudent consideration the possibility of legalizing Uber taxi service, reversing the ministry’s own stance days earlier to curb the new transport service trend following outcries of taxi operators. After multiple controversies in the media on pros and cons of Uber onslaught on the local taxi transport market, the minister seems to be listening to calls for change, although the transport apparatus has been geared for the other way.
Questions that remain
Saturday,  Nov 29,2014,04:56 (GMT+7)
The final answer by the provincial government of Thua Thien-Hue gives a huge sigh of relief when authorities there, succumbing to grave concerns among the public, decide to cancel a tourism project located in a site deemed critical to national defense and security. The move, announced on Wednesday by provincial chairman Nguyen Van Cao, has quickly doused heated controversies surrounding the World Shine-Hue project registered by a Hong Kong investor of Chinese nationality. And, despite the soothing answer, many questions have surfaced.
A too-sane mechanism
Friday,  Nov 21,2014,15:45 (GMT+7)
The public frustration these days is overwhelming but understandable following the top-rank honor conferred on a local farmer by the Cambodia government for his contribution to the country after his efforts had not been recognized at home. The 56-year-old Tran Quoc Hai and his son were given certificates of merit by Prime Minister Hun Sen and the Commander General of the Royal Army of Cambodia in ceremonies last month, after he had helped the neighboring country repair and upgrade military armored vehicles, built a new armored vehicle, and made other inventions. As covered in local media, prior to his working in Cambodia, Hai had spent years doing inventive works in Vietnam, but had faced numerous challenges.
One-man team
Friday,  Nov 14,2014,10:12 (GMT+7)
The ball is in his court. And he roams the field, far and wide, back and forth, to get it going. Onlookers are happy at the performance, which looks effective as positive changes are created and results obtained. But many feel worried as he is the lonely player, and ponder whether the one-man team will deliver the desired outcome at length.
Heritage at stake
Friday,  Nov 7,2014,17:23 (GMT+7)
The old saying that reads: “God doesn’t give with both hands” seems to be correct here in Vietnam since there are multiple natural heritage sites which force local authorities to face tough choices between tourism development and heritage conservation. This time, with Son Doong Cave known as the most majestic in the world, the country once again faces up to two conflicting sides – commercial exploitation and preservation.
Off to a bumpy start
Friday,  Oct 31,2014,15:06 (GMT+7)
The project to develop Long Thanh International Airport in Dong Nai Province is stealing the limelight at the ongoing National Assembly sitting in Hanoi these days, as controversies over the project are overwhelming local media, with Government officials putting forth strong advocacy and NA deputies expressing deep concerns. Heated exchanges at the NA signal the possibility that the time is not right, and the project may not earn the NA blessing to get off the ground in 2016 as scheduled.
No-man’s land
Friday,  Oct 24,2014,16:21 (GMT+7)
Drug addicts roam the street, indulging themselves into heroin orgies, littering syringes and needles after use at public places like in no-man’s land, and putting the people in HCMC at risk, all without being checked or deterred. Police are there, law enforcement agencies are there, and rehab or detoxification centers are there, but social vices related to drug abuse are still mushrooming, simply because of the absence of a workable legal corridor, though municipal authorities have repeatedly called for the Government to make urgent and quick changes. Helpless leaders of the city have voiced their concerns again, this time at the ongoing sitting of the National Assembly. They want to be armed with measures approved by the NA.
As controversial as change
Friday,  Oct 17,2014,09:27 (GMT+7)
A war of words has been triggered following a suggestion at a conference of rectors of medicine schools in Hanoi last Thursday that entrance exams into such schools should include the subject of literature besides the traditional subjects of mathematics, biology and chemistry. There are numerous advocators for the proposed change, including Minister of Health Nguyen Thi Kim Tien, but the number of protesters is also equally big. Either side wields a very good reason on their own, as seen in local media, though some arguments may have gone greater lengths than relevant.
Air-con policy
Friday,  Oct 10,2014,15:55 (GMT+7)
Public feedbacks seem to have been listened to, experiences have been gained, and lessons have been learned after the first draft circular regulating conditions for food safety in beer production and trading was put forth some time ago. Now comes the second draft, but to the surprise of many, it is quite confusing and disturbing for the public, and it quickly backfires.
Fruit safety questionable
Friday,  Oct 3,2014,15:39 (GMT+7)
Public concerns about the safety of products originating in China, especially fruits, are meant to be doused when the top official of the country’s veggies safety agency asserts that there is no ground for suspicions. Nguyen Xuan Hong, head of the Plant Protection Department under the agriculture ministry, brushes aside questions from the media on the toxic chemicals used for treating Chinese-grown pear and apple, as it is reported that such fruits can stay fresh for long periods of between five and nine months. “It’s normal for apples to remain good after nine months,” says Hong.
Production not for sale
Friday,  Sep 26,2014,16:24 (GMT+7)
A huge sum amounting to billions of dong is invested after all production processes have been planned, appraised, reviewed, and approved, but the final product after being painstakingly conceived and turned out has been shelved. It is said that the people involved in the production process are enthusiastic ones, and it is assumed that the quality is agreeable, but it is still unmarketable. Such is the dilemma that the State-sponsored movie Song cung Lich su, is mired in.
Incapable of nuts and bolts
Friday,  Sep 19,2014,11:52 (GMT+7)
Local enterprises, after all, are the losers in the game although the cards are not kept close to the chest. All cards are open on the table when Samsung Electronics Vietnam announced in a conference in Hanoi last week that it is willing to purchase components and materials for its mobile device factories, but hundreds of local entrepreneurs joining the business event admitted to being unable to catch up with the game. Local firms are even incapable of nuts and bolts, as covered in local media.
Abstract picture
Friday,  Sep 12,2014,10:58 (GMT+7)
It is a big worry to see young people crowding job bazaars hoping to get a job, but few are given the chance after each recruitment event. It is a painful waste to witness thousands of fresh graduates failing to earn a living on their own and having to rely on families. And it is all the more gloomy for the society when dozens of thousands of enterprises have shut down business each year in the past few years, resulting in massive layoffs. Such black dabs on the picture of employment, however, seem to have been whitewashed when the Institute of Labor Science and Social Affairs under the labor ministry puts the country’s employment rate at an unthinkable 1.84%. All looks like an abstract painting.
Friday,  Sep 5,2014,09:18 (GMT+7)
Responses from all relevant authorities are swift after a sleeper bus veered off the road and plunged into a 200-meter-deep valley en route from Sapa Town to Lao Cai City on Monday, killing 12 people and injuring 41 others. Within hours, local authorities came to the victims’ rescue, and the day after, Minister of Transport Dinh La Thang himself also rushed to the scene.
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