An unhelpful warning
Friday,  Oct 21,2016,18:03 (GMT+7)
Food safety has always been one of the most sensitive issues for Vietnamese consumers given a rapid-fire rise in food hygiene violations in the country. So whenever information about this matter is made public, it must be verified. But a new study undertaken by a consumer association has sparked anger among consumers and producers as it claims that 67% of fish sauce samples contain high levels of arsenic, a substance that may cause cancer, but gives no convincing evidence.
Mixed reactions
Friday,  Oct 14,2016,17:41 (GMT+7)
Vietnam is now at its peak of the golden population with young people making up a majority, but also at the threshold of population ageing. As the number of old people is on the rise, the Government has considered many solutions to prevent the foreseeable collapse of the pension fund in the near future as the aging workforce is on the road to retirement. Among the solutions, the plan of raising the retirement age has drawn mixed reactions from the public.  
Heightened fear
Friday,  Oct 7,2016,16:09 (GMT+7)
The serious pollution caused by Taiwanese conglomerate Formosa on the central coast in April has sounded alarm bells for both the government and the public. At a time when environmental protection is becoming a high priority, authorities at all levels are joining forces to prevent any new sources of pollution. However, mass fish deaths have hit Hanoi City.
Getting worse
Friday,  Sep 30,2016,08:38 (GMT+7)
How to control rain- and flood tide-induced floods in HCMC has remained one of the toughest issues ever for the city government though trillions of Vietnam dong has already been injected into anti-flood projects and programs.
No easy shortcut
Friday,  Sep 23,2016,08:31 (GMT+7)
Driving in Vietnam’s major cities is as dangerous and stressful as ever. The traffic chaos is a nightmare for road users, especially in Hanoi and HCMC. The two biggest cities of the nation have built and widened roads but the pace of motorcycle and automobile ownership growth is far faster than that of road expansion and construction. Today, traffic congestion is an everyday sight. The two cities have come up with a range of coping measures but to no avail.
Yet another headache
Friday,  Sep 16,2016,00:13 (GMT+7)
Vietnam is pressing on with numerous plans to reform the problematic education sector. Over the years, a lot of policy changes have been made to improve student quality, reduce test organizing cost and ease the heavy workload on students. However, concerns have been raised as positive results of those reforms are unclear. The ministry’s intention is good but perhaps, education authorities are taking the wrong way as they have not put themselves in the shoes of teachers, students and parents.
No quick fix
Friday,  Sep 9,2016,23:55 (GMT+7)
In Vietnam's outdated and underdeveloped educational system, a majority of high-school students, especially those in major cities, have after-school courses as an integral part of their studies given the fear of falling behind classmates and the heavy workload. Parents are aware that private tutoring puts more pressure on their children but they have no other choice. Due to this phenomenon, private tutoring has mushroomed and certain teachers have taken advantage of it to make money by forcing their students to take their courses after school. Therefore, various measures have been taken to put an end to this chronic problem of the education sector.
Still in the dark
Friday,  Aug 26,2016,12:17 (GMT+7)
Thousands of residents have been excited to hear that marine life on the central coast has been recovering since the Taiwanese-owned Formosa steel complex’s discharge of harmful industrial waste killed more than 100 tons of fish in four provinces. Those people whose subsistence livelihoods depend on tourism, fishing and fish farming have been leading a tough life. But they can now take a deep sigh of relief as environment authorities have announced the seawater in the affected provinces is now safe for swimming, water sports and fish farming.
Don’t be fooled by fraudsters
Friday,  Aug 19,2016,17:24 (GMT+7)
The Government has been pushing hard a shift from a cash-based economy to a cashless one. Many Vietnamese people still use cash to pay for everything since they have little or no access to bank card services. In the past few years, commercial banks have launched a wide range of bank cards and a growing number of people, especially those having stable incomes and working for foreign-invested enterprises, have opted for ATM, credit and debit cards. Card users have found it convenient and safe as they no longer need to carry a lot of cash.
Bun bo Hue controversy
Friday,  Aug 12,2016,10:03 (GMT+7)
The government of Thua Thien-Hue Province has recently stirred so much uproar when it issued a rule on management and use of the bun bo Hue (Hue-styled beef noodle soup) brand name, and is registering for protection of the brand name. There is growing concern over whether eateries, especially those in other parts of the country, should ask the province for permission to make and sell this food.
On edge
Friday,  Aug 5,2016,11:45 (GMT+7)
Though air control and security at Vietnam’s two biggest airports – Noi Bai in Hanoi and Tan Son Nhat in HCMC – were unaffected by last Friday’s hacker attack, the damage suffered by the two airports and Vietnam Airlines is far from trivial. Attackers, possibly from China, hacked into the computer systems of the airports and displayed misinformation about Vietnam on the flight information screens. The website of Vietnam Airlines was also hacked, with a list of more than 400,000 Lotusmiles members leaked on the Internet. The incident has heightened alerts among organizations and businesses that have paid little attention to data and computer system security.
Who is to blame?
Friday,  Jul 29,2016,13:44 (GMT+7)
Formosa Ha Tinh has remained in the spotlight since it took responsibility for the huge fish kill on the central coast. So many questions revolving around the massive yet controversial steel project in Ha Tinh Province have yet to be answered. One of them is why the license of the multi-billion-dollar project is valid for 70 years while the maximum period allowed by law is just 50 years.
Costly scam
Friday,  Jul 22,2016,18:42 (GMT+7)
Early this week a month-long hearing of a case in which scores of people are alleged to have caused hefty losses for a bank began in HCMC. Thirty-six defendants, 45 lawyers and 156 others involved.
Again and again
Friday,  Jul 15,2016,12:35 (GMT+7)
Late last month Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corp. officially took responsibility for causing a widespread fish kill along more than 200 kilometers of coastline in central Vietnam in April and pledged to pay half a billion U.S. dollars in compensation for economic damage. But less than two weeks later, the company continued making news headlines as hundreds of tons of solid waste from its steel mill was dumped at an unlicensed dumpsite in Ky Anh Town, Ha Tinh Province where the Taiwanese-invested firm’s massive steel manufacturing complex is located.
Lax oversight
Friday,  Jul 8,2016,17:45 (GMT+7)
Despite a steady rise in revenue in the tourism sector, a surge in Chinese tourist arrivals to famous travel sites in Vietnam in recent years has been cause for concern rather than happiness.
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