Great danger
Friday,  May 22,2015,19:43 (GMT+7)
Traveling by road in Vietnam is never an easy task as poor infrastructure and management has led to traffic chaos in major cities, hence a lot of accidents. According to the National Traffic Safety Committee, more than 25,300 traffic accidents happened throughout the country last year, leaving nearly 9,000 people dead and 24,400 others seriously injured. While the public is scared by those figures, they now feel more insecure than ever as the Ministry of Transport has floated the idea of allowing heady duty motorcycles to travel on expressways which are now exclusively for autos.
Increasingly unsafe
Friday,  May 15,2015,16:24 (GMT+7)
Within a short period of time, a flurry of incidents have happened at metro line construction sites in Hanoi, making residents nearby and road users scared to death.
Miserable holidays
Friday,  May 8,2015,17:14 (GMT+7)
Having returned from a recent long holiday, local people must have felt regret about their decisions. For many travelers, their dream trips with relatives or friends ended up a nightmare for being stuck in crowds at tourist attractions, being cheated by services and transport firms or having to pay much more for dirty beach, less hygienic food or poorer hotel services. Ironically, many people still chose to flock to places of interest only to find their vacations turned torturous despite numerous warnings of overcharging and lamentable services.
Friday,  Apr 24,2015,21:50 (GMT+7)
Companies know clearly that giveaways can help them boost sales and polish their images. Consumers love freebies indeed and they will respond in surprising ways whenever they get something for nothing, which is evident in the recent campaigns launched by businesses to attract public attention.
Game of chance
Friday,  Apr 17,2015,15:49 (GMT+7)
It seems cultivation is like playing a game of chance as most Vietnamese farmers are uncertain whether they can sell their output at harvest or not. However, watermelon growers in the central region have never won the game for years. They are often empty-handed even after a bumper crop as prices slump to dirt-cheap levels.
On the loose
Friday,  Apr 10,2015,17:56 (GMT+7)
The mysterious disappearance of a source of radioactive material at Pomina 3 steel mill in the southern province of Ba Ria-Vung Tau has caused grave concerns over the past two weeks. The incident must have led the relevant authorities to think twice about security in the use of radioactive material as the nation has more than 4,000 facilities using radioactive material.
‘Tower of Babel’
Friday,  Apr 3,2015,23:21 (GMT+7)
Being in a middle-income country like Vietnam, investors should practice prudence when it comes to developing megaprojects. Business is business. Romance has no place in the profit-seeking business world. Sustainable profitability is indeed the yardstick to appraise a project that requires a hefty amount of cash.
In harm’s way
Friday,  Mar 27,2015,16:16 (GMT+7)
The capital city of Hanoi has long been known for its vast green foliage but a large swath of it has been gone.
Alarm bells
Friday,  Mar 20,2015,12:38 (GMT+7)
The lack of fresh air in the basement where a supermarket is located in Hanoi caused 20 people to faint last week, sparking concerns about people’s safety at other high-rise buildings in the capital city and other parts of the country. A lot of buildings have mushroomed in major cities and the basements at many of them are used for parking motorcycles and retail space as well, easily cutting off the supply of fresh air at peak hours.
Another blow to consumers
Friday,  Mar 13,2015,23:02 (GMT+7)
‘It never rains but it pours’ must be the most popular proverb which Vietnamese consumers use to talk about the unprecedented situation in which the Government has decided to sharply raise taxes while prices of various necessities are on the rise.
Policy needs due consideration
Friday,  Mar 6,2015,18:14 (GMT+7)
Each day Vietnam has around 25 people killed on the road. Official statistics actually show that the first two months of the year saw 1,567 people dying in 4,115 traffic accidents. That’s really frightening.
Friday,  Feb 27,2015,14:58 (GMT+7)
To any animal lovers, the colorful spring picture has become black after seeing a bloody festival in northern Vietnam – where live pigs are killed brutally in an annual ritual. Many may not believe that the ritual has taken place for centuries at Nem Thuong Village in Bac Ninh Province’s Tien Du District before being brought to light in the age of the internet, particularly social media. Instantly, the festival has drawn fire from individuals and organizations in Vietnam and abroad who have called for a stop before it destroys the image of a good-natured and civilized country in the eyes of international tourists.
Time to act
Friday,  Jan 30,2015,23:38 (GMT+7)
Millions of mobile subscribers have turned mad about spam. They may receive a dozen unwanted text messages and phone calls a day on average. This is frustrating indeed.
Seeking easy solution
Friday,  Jan 23,2015,18:55 (GMT+7)
While the public is exhilarated by the significant fuel price cuts this year, this upbeat sentiment may have been spoiled by possible water price hikes in HCMC.
The farmer’s paradox
Friday,  Jan 16,2015,15:46 (GMT+7)
Many dairy farmers countrywide are feeling the bitter taste these days when part of their yields cannot be consumed. For years, if not decades, local farmers have suffered from a vicious circle of high productivity and low prices. Under such circumstances, it is farmers who stand to bear the brunt of losses when prices plummet to below the production cost owing to excessive supplies. But, for dairy farmers this time, it is not totally the supply-demand balance that dictates their woes. It is the lack of coordination – and the absence of the State intervention – that leads to the paradox given the fact that local production of milk still falls far short of demand.
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