Abstract picture
Friday,  Sep 12,2014,10:58 (GMT+7)
It is a big worry to see young people crowding job bazaars hoping to get a job, but few are given the chance after each recruitment event. It is a painful waste to witness thousands of fresh graduates failing to earn a living on their own and having to rely on families. And it is all the more gloomy for the society when dozens of thousands of enterprises have shut down business each year in the past few years, resulting in massive layoffs. Such black dabs on the picture of employment, however, seem to have been whitewashed when the Institute of Labor Science and Social Affairs under the labor ministry puts the country’s employment rate at an unthinkable 1.84%. All looks like an abstract painting.
Friday,  Sep 5,2014,09:18 (GMT+7)
Responses from all relevant authorities are swift after a sleeper bus veered off the road and plunged into a 200-meter-deep valley en route from Sapa Town to Lao Cai City on Monday, killing 12 people and injuring 41 others. Within hours, local authorities came to the victims’ rescue, and the day after, Minister of Transport Dinh La Thang himself also rushed to the scene.
The dear price
Friday,  Aug 29,2014,15:06 (GMT+7)
The price to be paid on the part of Vietnam looks quite dear when wholesaler Metro announces it is finalizing a deal to sell Metro Cash & Carry Vietnam to Thai group Berli Jucker at a disclosed value of US$879 million. For 12 years since the German group set its foothold in Vietnam, it has never paid a single penny of corporate income tax as it has always reported losses but in one year whose profit was used for offsetting its previous years’ deficits.
Let’s undo it
Friday,  Aug 22,2014,08:32 (GMT+7)
The explicit intentions are convincing when the HCMC Department of Education and Training puts forth its plan to introduce the use of tablet computers for all school children from the first to third grade citywide. The plan, as emphasized at a seminar this week, is aimed on one hand to relieve young children aged between six and eight from the huge burden in a real sense – it is widely complained that school children these days are forced to carry too heavy bags to school - and on the other hand to help familiarize themselves with technological advancements.
Snail’s pace to business freedom
Friday,  Aug 15,2014,09:31 (GMT+7)
Commitments by top authorities of the country to create a favorable business environment for all investors remain largely the lip service as numerous barriers are standing still and most ministries have been reluctant to lend a helping hand. Minister of Planning and Investment Bui Quang Vinh, the top official entrusted by the Government to remove obstacles in business, utters complaints when the National Assembly’s Standing Committee gathered in Hanoi this week to discuss amendments to business laws. No answers are given, and to some extent, opinions are at odds, according to local media reports on the meeting.
A step backwards
Friday,  Aug 8,2014,16:00 (GMT+7)
It is often said a university student is standing on top of the stairs of knowledge. Taking just one more step forwards, he will complete himself as higher education not only provides knowledge for students but also helps them think logically and creatively. However, a Vietnamese student must have taken a step backwards as tertiary education in the country has lagged far behind international standards.
Aviation security at risk
Friday,  Aug 1,2014,09:20 (GMT+7)
Air traffic safety, needless to say, is deemed the highest among all transport means all over the world, but for local authorities, risks are looming large more than ever, not because of recent air disasters in the world that killed hundreds. It is the worsening air traffic safety evidenced by facts and figures at a conference in Hanoi early this week.
Yet another controversy
Friday,  Jul 25,2014,10:23 (GMT+7)
As many questions remain unanswered after the rules banning smoking in public places and vending substandard foods on the street fell into oblivion shortly after the dates they took effect, a new wave of queries has emerged around a law drafted by the Ministry of Health to set a time limit on alcohol sale in the country.
Fake gold
Friday,  Jul 18,2014,16:29 (GMT+7)
The project used to be touted as a gold-quality one, costing as much as VND1.5 trillion, or roughly US$72 million, to bring water from Hoa Binh Province to supply some one million residents in Hanoi City. It used to glitter for a short while, but it does not now. It turns out to be fake gold.
Consumers’ defenselessness
Friday,  Jul 11,2014,09:56 (GMT+7)
All reasons sound rightful when the Ministry of Finance early this week issued a decision allowing oil traders to raise petrol prices to a new high of nearly VND26,000 per liter of the standard RON92. As such, within a fortnight, the petrol price was hiked twice, and since early this year, consumers have witnessed petrol prices increase five times. All end-users of petrol, from individuals to companies, have no other choice but to accept the grim reality although, as covered in local media, there are no good reasons for the price hike.
Information chaos
Friday,  Jul 4,2014,06:21 (GMT+7)
From local media to traffic police as law enforcement forces – and consequently all walks of life – it was all understood that punitive sanctions would be imposed on motorcycle riders wearing substandard crash helmets starting from July 1. On that very day, the widely-perceived rule turned out to be a big hoax.
Responsibility reassessed
Friday,  Jun 27,2014,13:40 (GMT+7)
The responsibility looks all crystal clear to be on VietJetAir when one of its flights mistakenly transported passengers from Hanoi to Cam Ranh Airport in the coastal city of Nha Trang last Thursday, instead of Dalat City in the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong. The incident first looked like a little irritation when at length the plane after landing at Cam Ranh Airport redirected its route to safely take all guests to the final destination in Dalat. But, it is more harmful than it looks. It is a deadly fault of the whole system. It really is.
Perfection undesirable
Friday,  Jun 20,2014,09:37 (GMT+7)
There seems to be far-reaching satisfaction following the high-school graduation exam this month. Students rejoice, their parents take a huge sigh of relief, and educators find their efforts pay off, as roughly 99% of students have passed the exam. Such perfection, however, is by no means abnormal in a sense that the outcome has been anticipated. But the aftertaste is not that sweet, as the so-called success, for many nail-biting observers, hints at failure for society.
Inattentive governance
Friday,  Jun 13,2014,09:24 (GMT+7)
Good governance, as a matter of course, is desirable, since it helps improve efficiency, enhance control, and make goals more achievable, as along as such goals are cost-effective and beneficial to all stakeholders. Policy-makers, however, have in many instances gone to extremes in pursuing good governance merely for the sake of management, and the controversy these days about the new draft law on ID cards being debated at the National Assembly is typical of this flaw. It fails to attend to the people.
Off with dependency
Friday,  Jun 6,2014,09:06 (GMT+7)
Economic ties with China are important for Vietnam’s economy, which is evident in the huge bilateral trade volume and other bustling business activities between the two neighbors. But that is not a win-win scenario when Vietnam for years on end has suffered from a huge trade deficit with China, and the issue is all the more worrying alongside the deployment early last month of a giant Chinese oil rig in Vietnam’s waters. Such a topic overwhelmed a session this Monday of the National Assembly (NA), where deputies raised the common voice urging the Government to quickly take measures to prepare for the worst-case scenarios if rather than when China goes to the extremes to resort to economic sanctions.
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