In the other’s court
Saturday,  Thg4 19,2014,00:21 (GMT+7)
Over 100 people have died of measles or measles-related diseases in the past few weeks, while many hospitals are now flooded with hundreds – if not thousands – of patients being rushed to such medical facilities each day, yet the Ministry of Health has not rung any big bell of alarm.
Bent on self-interest
Friday,  Thg4 11,2014,02:30 (GMT+7)
Truong Chinh Street under upgrade in Hanoi is likened to a bicycle steering bar, as its central section is curved to one side to steer clear of a residential section occupied by military officials. From the very first zoning plan approved by the Prime Minister years ago, the street was to be a straight line cutting through the military section, but as construction progresses, it turns out to be a curve, sparking protests from residents whose homes are to be cleared and giving way to controversies in the local media.
The unfeasible answer
Saturday,  Thg4 5,2014,01:24 (GMT+7)
Questions from all walks of life hang over for sports officials to answer why the sports tournament ASIAD should be hosted in Vietnam in 2019, as numerous financial issues surrounding the plan stir up worries among the public despite assurances and defiance from the few proponents. For days on end, the questions are front-paged in many local newspapers and capture enormous interest, with most people objecting to the plan and calling for the Government to make a bold move in rejecting the hosting right. All fret over the financial burden.
Face-saving way
Saturday,  Thg3 29,2014,07:40 (GMT+7)
The response is quick. Within days in the aftermath of the corruption scandal allegedly involving officials in the country’s railway sector and a Japanese contractor, as revealed by Japanese media last Friday, the Ministry of Transport has suspended several railway officials from their posts, sent a mission to Japan headed by a deputy minister to seek further information, and worked with police to launch a probe, all indicating the ministry’s strong determination to unearth the case.
The costly way
Friday,  Thg3 21,2014,15:11 (GMT+7)
The State Audit of Vietnam’s recent conclusion sheds light on why expressways in the country are the costliest in the world, a topic of heated discussions in recent times as Vietnam is in dire need of capital to develop infrastructure. From the North to the South, and from the mountainous region to the midland, expressways are always more expensive than elsewhere in the world. The State auditor’s report, as covered in local media this week, centers on the Cau Gie-Ninh Binh Expressway as a case study, which unveils numerous problems behind the scene.
Final-day syndrome
Saturday,  Thg3 15,2014,23:00 (GMT+7)
The symptoms are similar for many cases and are diagnosable, and are thus commonly referred to as the syndrome. It may have persisted for long in the State machine, but is better known these days when local media unveils abnormal complications surrounding what is called final-day race by outgoing officials to offer a slew of promotions to their subordinates. Behind the phenomenon is a big question that provides much food for thought.
When the unjust rises
Monday,  Thg3 10,2014,22:14 (GMT+7)
Alarm bells have rung in recent days over concerns that the dark has had its hand on law enforcement. With the legal system still full of loopholes, people may find their trust in law fading, forcing them to choose between the just and the unjust to protect their legitimate interests. Sometimes, the unjust seems to prevail in many cases.
Ignorant law making
Wednesday,  Thg3 5,2014,17:23 (GMT+7)
To homebuyers, damages have been done, and are deemed irreparable, all being due to a circular issued in late 2010 by the Ministry of Construction providing guidelines on how to calculate the area of an apartment between housing developers and buyers. In the circular, it is provided that upon the  contract agreed by both sides, the area of an apartment can either be the usable floor space, or the total area inclusive of technical works inside the unit and the surrounding and separating walls of the building. Housing developers apparently opt for the latter, which is the root cause for hundreds – if not thousands – of disputes and legal actions taken by homebuyers in recent times.
Moral values endangered
Sunday,  Thg2 23,2014,21:48 (GMT+7)
The ripple waves sent to the society from a video clip showing the fighting between a teacher and two eleventh-graders in Binh Dinh Province last month are widespread and shocking. To many viewers, the scene therein is unthinkable, not simply because of the barbarous acts of those involved, but rather the collapse of certain moral values that have been upheld in the country for many decades. The relationship between teachers and students is yet to be severed, but the incident indicates many social bonds are at stake, according to local media.
Losers in all battles
Sunday,  Thg2 16,2014,21:14 (GMT+7)
The market is often likened to a battlefield where entrepreneurs as warring factions compete for greater share to become the final winners in a war. Rarely does any win the entire war in this scenario, but many often gain victory in certain battles to secure their foothold on those market segments. In the domestic fast-food market, however, local enterprises are losing in all battles, according to local media.
Monday,  Thg2 10,2014,20:28 (GMT+7)
The New Year atmosphere has been warmed with surprise, introduction, comments, admiration, compliments and even suspicion after the mobile game “Flappy Bird” developed by a young Vietnamese man recently topped the iOS App Store and Google Play charts without any promotion. The simple game, where players must tap the screen to make a little bird fly between gaps of green pipes, is currently being downloaded an estimated two to three million times per day. There are no levels, no special achievements to unlock and players can easily show off their highest scores with others.
Needle eye stunningly wide
Thursday,  Thg1 16,2014,22:59 (GMT+7)
The question of contrabands overwhelming the local market, damaging domestic production and plundering the economy is now partially answered when police these days have uncovered a smuggling case which shows a stunning fact: market management has been so loose, and contrabands have found the way so wide opened to penetrate the country. “The elephant (camel) has gone through the eye of the needle,” says Tuoi Tre newspaper.
Easy business
Tuesday,  Thg1 14,2014,21:52 (GMT+7)
Seemingly, local mobile operators have an easy job, making money from services they provide without caring about the service quality or customers’ reactions. While subscribers have never felt content with mobile services due to spam messages, indecent advertisements and excessively high third generation (3G) fees, the enterprises have again hurt their clients after their earnings from simcards imbedded with unwanted services were announced.
New Year well-wishing
Thursday,  Thg1 2,2014,21:48 (GMT+7)
Such word as confidence, hope and expectations are probably uttered the most in local media these days as the country wraps up the grim year of 2013 with all economic blues and ushers in the New Year of 2014 with solid foundations having been established for business recovery, so to say. Economists have joined officials to agree that opportunities are up for grabs, and the economy will return to the growth track again though not galloping in the Year of the Horse.
Crumpling pillar
Thursday,  Thg12 26,2013,22:36 (GMT+7)
A big bell of alarm has been rung when tens of thousands of farming households across the country are shunning rice cultivation this year as their incomes have shrunk to a point where they cannot make ends meet. Farmers’ living conditions are deteriorating, so many have quit the job that has been handed down from their predecessors for many generations, a situation that is undermining the country’s agriculture that has been for long considered a key pillar of the economy. But the pillar is now crumpling.
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