Contrast of bonuses
Friday,  Jan 29,2016,16:45 (GMT+7)
On the one hand, there are smiles, happy faces, dreams of new cars in the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday, or Tet , and lavish vacations for those employees having huge Tet bonuses. But on the other hand, Tet is a big worry for those getting meager year-end rewards.
Speed traps
Friday,  Jan 22,2016,22:39 (GMT+7)
Minister of Transport Dinh La Thang has had no other choice but to issue an ultimatum for the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam to remove unjustified speed limit traps that have become a nightmare for motorists.
Friday,  Jan 15,2016,21:46 (GMT+7)
A new Ministry of Public Security rule that requires auto owners to equip their vehicles with fire extinguishers and other related equipment seems to be rational at first blush as prevention is better than cure. However, the regulation has drawn fire from vehicle owners who argue that it would be better to run away than stay to extinguish a fire in a car and that auto fires are rare.
A heavier burden
Friday,  Jan 8,2016,11:10 (GMT+7)
On Monday morning, many people blocked Quan Hau tollgate in the central province of Quang Binh by parking their vehicles there to protest against new toll charges. Needless to say, it resulted in heavy traffic congestion in the area.
Possible countereffect
Friday,  Dec 25,2015,21:49 (GMT+7)
With the new Law on Social Insurance coming into force next Friday, both employers and employees in Vietnam are seeing life tougher ahead. The new law compels them to pay more for social insurance. Policymakers have sought to appease them, saying the insured will have to pay a little bit higher premiums but their benefits will be greater in the long run. However, a majority of businesses and workers have brushed that off, saying the immediate impact of the new legislation seems to be unbearable.
Fiscal indiscipline
Friday,  Dec 18,2015,20:23 (GMT+7)
Ministries, agencies and provincial authorities in Vietnam have been repeatedly told to cut all non-essential expenditures and practice thrift as the country is grappling with soaring debt and budget deficit. Government, government-guaranteed and provincial debt is projected to leap to 61.3% of gross domestic product (GDP) this year from 51.7% in 2010. The Ministry of Finance has forecast public debt would hit the cap of 65% of GDP in 2017. Nonetheless, authorities at both central and local levels must have turned a blind eye to the emergence of fiscal imbalance.
Heightened alert
Friday,  Dec 11,2015,19:01 (GMT+7)
It is no wonder that consumers are on heightened alert over the safety of food they consume daily following a recent high-profile detection of banned substances in many food products, from dried to fresh food like fruits, vegetables and meat. However, it was not until recently that unsafe food, particularly meat containing bacteria and prohibited substances, had become a more serious problem.
Justice done
Friday,  Dec 4,2015,14:17 (GMT+7)
After more than 17 years behind bars, Huynh Van Nen is now a free man in his 50s as all murder charges against him were officially aborted last month after the real murderer turned himself in.
Hanging by a thread
Friday,  Nov 27,2015,18:58 (GMT+7)
For decades, educators have been teaching history as a compulsory subject in school but their effort of equipping their students of knowledge of the nation’s history has turned fruitless since a huge number of students have shown little interest in learning history. The indifference of students, especially those in high school, to the subject is cause for concern. A few years ago, the public was shocked by the fact that a large number of students scored poorly for history in their tests.
Renewed scrutiny
Friday,  Nov 20,2015,18:57 (GMT+7)
The issue of wastefulness at State-financed projects is not new as any projects using State money could be found to waste huge sums when inspectors look into them. Cost overruns are the norm at such projects.
A big waste
Friday,  Nov 13,2015,19:24 (GMT+7)
The revival of costly plans to construct towering buildings as city/provincial seats has again sparked heated debate in local media. In the past the public took issue with the extravaganza of great administrative center buildings where all city/provincial departments are located.
Longing for better services
Friday,  Nov 6,2015,15:15 (GMT+7)
It has been recently announced that the fees of around 1,800 medical services at public hospitals would be revised up this month. To any patient, soaring hospital fees are unwelcome news but such a fee hike may disappoint many, especially those who have had to spend hours waiting for their turns to have their health examined but get substandard services and cursory care at a number of public hospitals. Though explanations for the hospital fee hike starting this month by competent agencies sound rational, people expect the quality of hospital services to improve correspondingly.
Budget burden
Friday,  Oct 30,2015,15:59 (GMT+7)
The Government of Vietnam is running a rising budget deficit, which has been in the news. Some government ministers have expressed concern over the budget deficit during the ongoing session of the National Assembly. The situation has reached a point where the Government is working on a major plan to issue US$3 billion worth of sovereign bonds on international capital markets in 2017 to raise funds for restructuring domestic debt.
Prompt action
Friday,  Oct 23,2015,16:13 (GMT+7)
Last year both Noi Bai and Tan Son Nhat were among the 10 worst airports in Asia as rated by a travel website’s survey on travelers’ overall airport experience. This year the former has got out of the list but the latter has stayed.
Red alarm
Friday,  Oct 16,2015,20:22 (GMT+7)
For years, Vietnam has been struggling to cushion heavy impacts of floods and the situation looks somber due to climate change. However, flood-prone areas now have to prepare for the worst as man-made disasters are looming large.
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