Sunday,  Jun 24, 2018,02:21 (GMT+7) 0 0
Friday,  Jun 23, 2017,09:50 (GMT+7)
Enhancing the effectiveness of State management for the benefit of the society is a justifiable goal, but it is also generally agreed that even the right end cannot justify the means. When the means employed to achieve a righteous end causes public disturbance, tough reactions and protests are understandable. That can be the case of a new rule requiring all mobile phone subscribers to have their portraits submitted to mobile carriers to facilitate State management.
Friday,  Jun 16, 2017,23:30 (GMT+7)
The business deals by two shipbuilding companies to build steel boats for fishermen in the central province of Binh Dinh have finally turned out to be dirty tricks. The final products delivered to the fishermen are simply unusable, as the parties involved have infringed key terms in the contracts with the fishermen to maximize their illegal gains, a case that comes under sharp criticism in local media these days.
Friday,  Jun 9, 2017,09:08 (GMT+7)
The issue surrounding Son Tra Peninsula becomes sizzling hot in local media again, but taking center stage this time around is not tourism development itself, but the incompetence at the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism when dealing with criticism of tourism development on the peninsula. Behind the clumsy management by the ministry and its subordinate agency Vietnam National Administration for Tourism (VNAT), one can still see how tourism authorities are preoccupied with the determination to tap Son Tra.
Friday,  Jun 2, 2017,19:48 (GMT+7)
In any competition in a market economy, what is desirable is a win-win scenario for all stakeholders, from market players to consumers and the national economy as a whole. To obtain this scenario, the State role as a market regulator is indispensable.
Friday,  May 26, 2017,22:45 (GMT+7)
The tug of war between environment advocacy groups seeking to protect Son Tra Peninsula in the central coast city of Danang on one side and tourism authorities insisting on observing the tourism development master plan on the other is becoming all the tougher. For months on end, a war of words has dragged on, and both sides wield very strong weapons to defend their positions.
Friday,  May 19, 2017,22:18 (GMT+7)
A tentative scheme to impose a high environment tax on fuels is put forth, despite strong objections in the recent past whenever the issue was let fly. This time again, protests from experts and economists are even more vigorous, when the so-called environment tax policy is designed to not protect the environment but to increase State budget revenue, evident in a seminar in Hanoi this week.
Friday,  May 12, 2017,09:54 (GMT+7)
The question about responsibility in the case of a batch of expensive cancer medicine being destroyed due to expiration has remained unanswered, as all related agencies stress that they have observed all required procedures.
Friday,  May 5, 2017,15:37 (GMT+7)
Pig farmers across the country have been suffering huge losses, as the live pig price has for months on end plunged far below production cost due to a supply glut. It is understandable, therefore, when the Government rallies support from all walks of life to come to pig farmers’ rescue.
Friday,  Apr 28, 2017,13:19 (GMT+7)
The question of competence and ineptness emerges these days in Phu Yen Province when large swathes of the protective forest there are chopped down to make room for tourism projects. The apparent violations, unfortunately, are not attributed to investors whose aim is to pursue profits, but to State management agencies in the south-central province whose mandate is to safeguard balanced and sustainable development.
Friday,  Apr 21, 2017,21:04 (GMT+7)
Budget overspending has long been a big headache for the Government, as the deficit – hovering around 5% or more a year – makes inroads into investment for development. In fact, investment as a percentage of the State budget has been continuously falling over the years because regular expenses have devoured the better part of State coffers. However, a sizeable part of such regular expenses has wastefully gone to anniversaries.
Friday,  Apr 14, 2017,09:24 (GMT+7)
The musical landscape has been turned upside down when the public this week learned that numerous popular songs have not been approved, meaning performing such musical pieces is illegal. The whole story, in fact, began last month when several songs were banned due to what officials described as unsuitable contents and copyright issues, but it reached a feverish pitch when Hue Medical University was told that four songs by late composer Trinh Cong Son the school planned for an internal show this month had not been legalized.
Friday,  Apr 7, 2017,06:55 (GMT+7)
The Ministry of Transport is now facing a tough choice: whether to advocate competition in the civil aviation industry to benefit the public by refusing proposals to impose a floor airfare, or to curb competition by siding with national flag carrier Vietnam Airlines and its affiliate Jetstar Pacific. It is tough because the two State-owned carriers want a floor air ticket price set to ensure profitability, but taking this option means putting the public interests at stake, let alone it goes against the basic rules of the market economy.
Friday,  Mar 31, 2017,23:03 (GMT+7)
The story was front-paged by most newspapers when authorities of Thanh Hoa Province on March 30 announced results of an inspection into the fast-tracked promotion of a civil servant. Dubious promotions are not uncommon, with numerous cases discovered by local media lately, but the case in Thanh Hoa can be seen as typical of a troubling process.
Saturday,  Mar 25, 2017,00:23 (GMT+7)
Nicknamed “Green Lung of the City,” Son Tra Peninsula in the central coast city of Danang has recently made big headlines in local media as its noble merits are menaced. Construction work on projects had been hastily taking place there, seemingly unnoticed by Danang authorities until a fisherman last week posted pictures of abnormal developments online. The aftermath reveals a highly-controversial tug of war.
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