Nhieu Loc Canal – a time to revive
Wednesday,  Oct 22,2014,21:42 (GMT+7)
For those who have lived along Nhieu Loc-Thi Nghe Canal for decades, the scenery there 20 years ago is unthinkable now. A place where people kept at arm’s length in the beginning has been transformed into a converging point for city dwellers as well as visitors. And further transformation is in the pipeline.
For A Better Environment
Tuesday,  May 22,2012,17:23 (GMT+7)
Change only happens when you change your thinking
Safe Food For All
Tuesday,  May 15,2012,14:22 (GMT+7)
City dwellers are very concerned about the safety of the foods available on the market. The authorities responsible for food quality management must therefore employ drastic measures to cope with the worsening situation.
Passion For Antiques
Monday,  May 7,2012,15:02 (GMT+7)
A priest in HCMC devotes himself to collecting antiques, especially lamps and books, with a view to realizing his hobby as well as promoting religion
Better Management Desperately Needed
Monday,  Apr 30,2012,16:13 (GMT+7)
The current practice of transport means registration must be changed so that the authorities can effectively handle traffic violations and improve traffic flow in Vietnam
Everybody Will Grow Old
Monday,  Apr 23,2012,17:05 (GMT+7)
Laws and social norms and effective attitude regarding how senior citizens are treated on buses and trains in Vietnam’s major cities
The Rationale Behind High-rise Height Restrictions
Tuesday,  Apr 17,2012,15:26 (GMT+7)
The current debates on the functional shift of officetels into apartment buildings in downtown HCMC would not have materialized if previous edifice height restrictions had taken into account the population growth and the staggering number of transport means
Happy With Floods
Monday,  Apr 2,2012,17:05 (GMT+7)
Saigonese should change their mindset that floods can be avoided. Instead, city folks should accept the fact that they will have to live with floods.
Pay More To Drive
Tuesday,  Mar 27,2012,15:05 (GMT+7)
The papers a local motorcyclist needs. Meanwhile, owners of cars and motorbikes, particularly those in big cities, such as Hanoi and HCMC, will have to pay new road charges.
Rare Moments
Sunday,  Mar 18,2012,14:05 (GMT+7)
In today’s Vietnamese society, family meals are becoming scarcer in big cities
To Park Or Not To Park
Wednesday,  Mar 14,2012,16:53 (GMT+7)
The ban on roadway and sidewalk parking areas in big cities and its pros and cons
Sparrows For Peace, Peace For Sparrows
Tuesday,  Mar 6,2012,18:18 (GMT+7)
Saigonese should bear in mind that a living environment which is bad for wild birds is also worse for humans
A Depressingly Touchy Issue
Friday,  Feb 24,2012,16:04 (GMT+7)
It is time to ponder upon something that is neither politically sensitive nor excessively private, but depressingly touchy nonetheless – funerals 
Love Story
Tuesday,  Feb 21,2012,17:00 (GMT+7)
A Saigonese love story told ahead of Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2012
Best Street Food City Title Food For Thought
Tuesday,  Feb 21,2012,16:29 (GMT+7)
Saigon has been named one of the 10 global cities of street foods. But both local authorities and street hawkers should expend more effort to make safe street foods available to tourists from afar.
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