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How Home Credit Retains Its Work Force
Reported by Phuong Trieu
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How Home Credit Retains Its Work Force

Reported by Phuong Trieu

Mr. Ivo Slanina, Country Manager of Home Credit.

Mr. Ivo Slanina, Country Manager of Home Credit—one of the first finance companies to run in Vietnam—shared the secret Home Credit employs to retain his company’s 10,000-strong staff, which lies in how to make the workplace their home and how to re-energize employees with full enthusiasm every day at work

Q: A consumer finance company usually has big demand on workforce for different positions, and the turnover rate is often high. How about Home Credit?

A: You’re right. To provide services in thousands of consultancy venues in 63 provinces and cities, Home Credit needs a big team of employees, including consultants, assessors or call-center staff. Most of them belong to the 9x generation that have just graduated or hold some years of experience. They have inquiring minds in common, but many of them work by snatches. They also like experiences, as well as want to prove themselves and be recognized. Therefore, they tend to change their jobs.

Understanding the qualities, we are involved in building a working environment that provides youngsters many opportunities for exploring their potentiality and asserting themselves. In every position, clear goals and specific demands are made for them, and their jobs are always changeable. Every day is a new day for them to discover and overcome themselves as well as for them to make efforts and indulgence with experiences. Hence, our company’s drop-out rate has fallen remarkably, and now it is no longer a problem for Home Credit.

It is hard to recruit a competent employee, but it is even harder to keep that same person. What is a strategy Home Credit uses to keep your employees during the long-term development?

In order to make employees have a close-knit with our company, we need to make them understand how the significance of their works are linked to our company’s mission clearly and make them be proud of the mission and want to go abreast with the mission.

First, our employees are always emphasized on a mission for our clients that we provide financial solutions for those who cannot have access to loans of banks, and help people enjoy an opportunity for approaching better living conditions. When the mission make endosmosis into employees’ thought, they will naturally try their best to build products and services of good quality as well as create marvellous experiences for our clients.

Second, we try to make employees see their roads of developing clearly. We maintain a continuing education program through the principle that 70% is learnt from work, 20% from managers and 10% from theory. In order to learn and heighten experience, employees can propose more projects, and rotate their positions, both inside and outside the country.

Third, we make our employees feel that Home Credit is their home and have full energy and enthusiasm every day. Every year, apart from big collective contests, such as Color Run, optional dancing, film production, etc., we have clubs of English, badminton and football for our employees to entertain themselves following hours of working.

If our company successfully creates a working environment that is capable of meeting the above three matters, our employees will naturally identify themselves with us.

What is the biggest challenge of managing a huge number of more than 10,000 employees?

We must ensure equality in assignment, assessment of working and training results, promotion, information sharing, etc. They will have more motive and confidence to fulfil their assignments when they recognize that they are working in an transparent, equal environment.

Last year, when we focused on expanding our business, most of our low- and mid-level managerial positions were internally promoted. Talents were evaluated basing on clear norms, quantitative analysis and publicity, so we avoided bias or impressionability.

What satisfies you most since being part of management board of Home Credit for a while?

It is my honour to be part of large team with lots of highly motivated professionals. Our business is really complex. High quality and engagement of our employees is the key contributor to our business success. Knowing our teams I have no doubts that Home Credit Vietnam will become even stronger in the future.

AON Hewitt, one of the world leading HR solutions providers, has just awarded Home Credit with “Best Employer 2017” in Asia Pacific. The assessment looked at employee engagement, leadership index, performance culture and employer brand. The AON Best Employers program uses more than 15 years’ experience in best employer studies to compare organizations and identify those that strive to create a competitive advantage through their people and become employers of choice.


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