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Deadly danger
The Saigon Times Daily
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Deadly danger

The Saigon Times Daily

Three people have been killed over the past fortnight, just after some heavy rains - not quite natural calamities - and such fatalities are referred to as accidents. One young girl in Binh Phuoc Province in the middle of this month, one teenager in Dong Nai Province last Wednesday, and one man just two days ago lost their lives, all swept away either by strong runoff or a spring swelling up. The big question is how many more may fall victim to such highly-regrettable incidents in the future.

In the first incident, the young girl and her friends were going home from school when she was suddenly sucked into an open sewage hole after a heavy rain. Her body was found two days later in a pond some 500 meters from the site of her destiny. The question why the sewage hole did not have a cover remains unanswered.
The second incident was almost a repetition of the first one, when a 11-year-old boy in Dong Nai Province’s Vinh Cuu District going home from school with his friends was swept into an open ditch along a gravel road. His body was found one day later on the Dong Nai River some 4 kilometers from the ditch. The question remains to be answered.

In the latest incident last Saturday, a man managed to cross a small bridge built by locals across San Mau Spring in Dong Nai Province’s Bien Hoa City, but the swelling water took him away, before his body was recovered yesterday some 6 kilometers away. It should also be noted that a similar tragedy had occurred one year earlier when a young man was swept away and drowned when crossing a similar makeshift bridge spanning the same spring just 100 meters from the site this time.

Accusing fingers are pointed, but it is still unknown who will finally be held accountable.

Efforts are probably being taken to pinpoint why the sewage cover was lost in Binh Phuoc, why the builder of the gravel road failed to complete the ditch before opening the road to traffic, and why unsafe bridges were accepted, posing fatal dangers to the people.

In fact, neglect of safety regulations, especially in construction works, has become a matter of huge concern, and a grave issue of compliance. Many people across the country have been injured or killed by wires hanging across the street, or when falling into deep holes without barricades at construction sites. In HCMC, inspectors last month had to order suspension of a traffic construction project on Nguyen Kiem Street due to dangers posed to the people.

Neglect of safety regulations must be harshly tackled with heavy sanctions slapped on violators to safeguard the people’s lives. However, the deadly danger does not solely come from carelessness, as seen in the heart-rending accidents mentioned early on. In such cases, State agencies tasked with overseeing social compliance and ensuring safety for the people have not fulfilled their job. The deadly danger, therefore, also comes from their dereliction of duty.

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