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Le Thi To Hai – A naturopathy and human energy expert
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Le Thi To Hai – A naturopathy and human energy expert

Having spent more than 16 years studying yoga and meditation, Le Thi To Hai, founder of Golden Hearts Meditation & Yoga, is among the first people who have laid the foundation for naturopathy applying meditation and yoga in Vietnam.

Le Thi To Hai, founder and CEO of Golden Hearts Meditation & Yoga

According to Ms Hai, there are differences between basic yoga and yoga used in naturopathy. The latter is a way allowing people to recover from physical illnesses like pain, musculoskeletal injury, degenerative spine and herniated disk; and mental illnesses like anxiety disorder, depression, stress and autism. It also helps people stay focused and creative, understand themselves, adjust themselves to attain balance, happiness and success. All these things are in relation to the human energy field.

Naturopathic yoga has higher requirements than conventional yoga, and its end is the human energy field. Ms Hai and her team wish to serve as many people as they can.

As Ms Hai explains, she has chosen this field as the world is facing heavy environmental pollution, energy resources are being depleted, and only biological energy that comes from humans is endless. If people are aware of promoting human energy every day, it will gradually let people have control of themselves and their own lives.
According to Ms Hai, Vietnam has a large, young population, so it is suitable for human energy development. Nother advantage is that there is a yin-yang balance in Vietnam’s cuisine, climate and lifestyle. Additionally, the Vietnamese are friendly, rich in love and compassionate, providing a premise to build a clean healthcare field.

Ms Hai says that she recognized the great benefits of yoga when she needed a therapy for herself over 16 years ago. She then researched and applied the therapy to people around her who suffered from different health problems such as physical injury, mental suffering, chronic diseases, catastrophe and stroke. Positive results with patients having cancer, bedridden ones, those with long-term depression and autism, have been recorded by Ms Hai and her team. 

Ms Hai is confident in the path she has chosen and the goals she is striving for. She believes the trend is to get back to nature. Modern medicine does not solve all problems faced by human bodies and does not cure mental issues.

Golden Hearts entered into a cooperation deal with SMART Co. of Japan late last year to train and provide natural therapists using the meditation-yoga therapy method for the Japanese market.

According to Ms Hai, Japan is widely known as a choosy market. Another reason why she has selected this market is its old population. The value of Japan’s yoga market is estimated at over 200 billion yen, but yoga therapy is not present there yet. The yoga therapy market of Vietnam is valued at millions of dollars and expected to grow in the coming years. These have contributed to Ms Hai’s firm belief in the development of the field in the future.

Ms Hai has managed to bring here many organizations, individuals and authorities in Japan to experience her expertise and she has received positive feedback. The very first trainers of Golden Hearts will fly to Japan this July to work as natural therapists. They will get employment benefits like Japanese citizens.

With the Vietnamese market, Ms Hai quotes data of the Ministry of Health as saying that more than 60% of Vietnam’s population suffer from diseases related to spines and joints. Most patients with cancer, diabetes and heart disease have problems with their spines first. Her goal is to help Vietnamese people have as few treatments as possible and increase spiritual and mental values.

Le Thi To Hai meets authorities of Tatsuno in Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture to discuss incorporating yoga in education

As for international markets, European countries, Singapore and Canada are the targets of Golden Hearts in its business development plan. Thailand is often referred to as a destination for tourists, Singapore is known for e-government and strict laws, and the U.S. is famous for Silicon Valley and tech giants. “I don’t see why we should not do something to make Vietnam known as a venue for meditation-yoga therapy,” she says. This is her mission and the mission of Golden Hearts. “We can do this because we believe we are always supported by the communities.”

Le Thi To Hai uses a yoga practice on a patient in Japan having aging spine and herniated disk

 Le Thi To Hai is

- President of Golden Hearts Meditation & Yoga Company in Vietnam

- President of Golden Hearts Meditation & Yoga Company in Vietnam and Japan

- Vice president of Vietnam Yoga Federation

- Founder of Khi Tam meditation practice

- Head of the Khi Tam Meditation Club of UNESCO

- International Zen Leadership training specialist

- Director for Asia at the Institute for Zen Leadership


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