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Plenty opportunities for candidates with international profile
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Plenty opportunities for candidates with international profile

Guillaume Crouzet - PHOTO: NGOC TRAN

The Saigon Times Daily spoke with Guillaume Crouzet, general manager of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam, over the upcoming Job Fair France-Vietnam 2018 set for Saturday, May 12 in HCMC. He says there will be more than 300 jobs offered.

The Saigon Times Daily:  I see there’s still a strong demand of French firms. Please explain.

- Guillaume Crouzet: Today, there are about 350 French companies active in Vietnam, which have strong recruiting needs. There are recruiting needs in fields such as information technology, tourism and distribution… as well as construction. These are the sectors where French companies are very active here.

Is there any priority for French-speaking people?

- French companies recruit candidates who have an international profile. The objective is that the participants in this Job Fair can speak Vietnamese and English. And French is an asset, an undeniable one, but it’s not a requirement for candidates. If they speak Vietnamese and English only, it’s already enough. 

For some companies, they indeed search for French-speaking people. Understanding French culture and having studied in France are factors that will allow a candidate to climb higher within a French company and quickly have more responsibilities. 

But is there any typical profiles French firms are looking for this time?

- Ideally, it’s someone who has studied abroad, who speaks two or even three languages, and who had a first experience with internships or a first professional experience up to five years. 

Will French firms also looking for interns to train them for their future employment?

- Well, why not? Interns can be interesting too. 

How many jobs will French firms be offering this time? Their expectations…

- There will be more than 300 job offered. But anyway, the companies which will be present recruit all year round. So it’s important for potential candidates to come, even though they won’t find a job right away. They might find one in the upcoming months.

Is there another purpose: Creating a database of potential candidates?

- Absolutely!

And what should a candidate prepare when they come to the fair?

- Well, they should come with an English resume that is prepared in the best possible way. They should have the ability to present themselves in one or two minutes. There are a lot of candidates that will be present there, between 300 and 500. Companies will see many people. So jobseekers must be able to stand out and in one or two minutes, they can draw the recruiter’s attention. 

So everything will be mostly in English?

- The resumes must be in English, indeed. But there will be recruiters who talk Vietnamese, English and French.

But there are still people who only come and look around… 

- Those people are welcome. There will be also some workshops where they can learn many things about job search. They’ll be able to meet some HR executives too. So it’s for them to better understand the job market and mid-term opportunities.

I see Vietnamese firms such as VietinBank and VP bank will be attending the fair as well.

- Absolutely. Because Vietnamese companies are also more and more interested in international profiles. So Vietnamese companies are interested in associating themselves to an event like ours to communicate with a target they usually have difficulty reaching.

How about the two previous Job Fairs? Were the French firms able to recruit people with the profile they were looking for? 

- Right after the events, we had 70 job offers filled. But we know that some candidates who took part in the job fairs were able to land a job in the following weeks.

If we want to have more detailed information on the fair, where can we find it?

- Go to the website “”, or on the Facebook page of the French Vietnam  Chamber of Commerce, which is called “Job Opportunities”. 

Reported by Ngoc Tran

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