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Mondelez Kinh Do strengthens business to total snacking company in Vietnam
By Van Nam
Saturday,  Sep 8, 2018,11:14 (GMT+7)

Mondelez Kinh Do strengthens business to total snacking company in Vietnam

By Van Nam

Stephane Gripon, Managing Director of Mondelez Kinh Do Viet Nam

Mondelez Kinh Do has now completed the integration of Kinh Do and Mondelēz International. The confectionery products of this enterprise are offering delicious moments of joy combining delicious taste with world-class standards to gradually win the heart of consumers, not only in Vietnam but also across Asia.

As a dynamic market in Asia, Vietnam is experiencing a period of good growth. The snack food industry, in particular, is said to have great potential for growth in the future as more and more young people with delicate tastes are looking for high-quality products and more convenience.

In July 2015, Mondelēz International joined forces with the confectionery business of Kinh Do by buying 80% of it. In 2016, Mondelez Kinh Do Vietnam became 100% fully owned by Mondelēz International. Now, three years after the acquisition, Mondelez Kinh Do is steadily growing and affirming its position, enjoying popularity among Vietnamese consumers due to a wide range of products with superior quality and it is turning into the next phase to be a total snacking company.

Stephane Gripon, Managing Director of Mondelez Kinh Do Vietnam, said his firm combines Kinh Do’s comprehension of Vietnamese consumers’ need and Mondelēz International’s marketing know-how, extensive international experience and global resources to give birth to a thriving business in Vietnam. The products of Mondelez Kinh Do are now available in a wide range of retail outlets across the country through their wide and deep distribution system.

To date, Mondelez Kinh Do has completed the integration of the two businesses. With more than 4,000 staff members, the firm is entering a strategic phase of becoming a full-fledged snack company by strengthening domestic brands while building more international brands. Currently, Mondelez Kinh Do owns a great combination of leading Vietnamese brands including local brands as Kinh Do mooncake and buns, Cosy biscuits, Solite soft cake, AFC cracker… as well as a strong international portfolio including  Oreo Cookies, Ritz crackers, LU cookies, Slide snacks, Cadbury and Toblerone chocolate, Halls candy, Trident chewing gum.

The target of Mondelez Kinh Do so far and in the future is not only Vietnamese consumers but also Asian consumer counterparts, mainly focusing on the vast ASEAN market. Given Mondelēz International’s worldwide distribution network and the expertise of the two factories in Vietnam, the company is able to serve the needs of other markets that Mondelez Kinh Do is interested in and finds potential.

In the coming time, the confectionery market in Vietnam is expected to further grow with the competition of many brands locally made and the imported products as well.

Faced with this challenge, Mondelez Kinh Do continues to spend significant resources to boost the production capacity of the two plants in Hung Yen and Binh Duong. In April 2017, Mondelez Kinh Do developed an extra production line at the Hung Yen factory to produce Halal-certified sponge cakes supplying to the Southeast Asian market (mainly Indonesia). This year, the firm set up a new cookie production line which adopts modern production technology at its factory in Binh Duong. Not only the modern technology that MKD is using, the quality of production is also follow strictly to world class standard of Mondelez all around the world. This further affirms the strong international potential of Mondelez Kinh Do beside its growing competitiveness in the home market.

Indispensable to the success of Mondelez Kinh Do is the training of human resources with “the power of Big and Small,” combining Mondelez’s global resources with the development of local talents and capabilities.

“Our factories are part of Mondelēz International supply chain network  and they serve both the domestic Vietnam market and international markets with world class quality standards,” said Stephane, adding that Mondelez Kinh Do is the undisputed leader in biscuits and the second player in Cake and Pie markets (Source: Nielsen). “We are also leading the categories mooncake and fresh buns. That is the reason why we want our products to be present everywhere people shop across the country.”

Talking about the corporate social responsibility of Mondelez Kinh Do, Stephane said, “To grow the business sustainably, we need to care about the people and about the planet. Mondelez Kinh Do has been actively carrying out its corporate social responsibility to the community.”

At the factories in Hung Yen and Binh Duong, Mondelez Kinh Do wants to be a “good neighbor” of the local people through activities that bring a positive impact to their lives and the environment. For example, the company is putting efforts to reduce its water consumption; another top priority is employee safety. Mondelez sustainability targets are well communicated to all workers at these two production facilities. The corporate social responsibility of Mondelez Kinh Do is also reflected in its significant contribution to local budgets. The government of Hung Yen awarded the firm a certificate of merit for its tax payment worth hundreds of billions of dong to the provincial budget in the year 2015 and 2016.

In addition, Mondelez Kinh Do has launched a project called Joy Schools to promote physical activities among students not only in Vietnam but also other parts of Southeast Asia. Moreover, the campaigns for aiding people who are victims of natural disasters and flood-affected areas across the country have always been accompanied by Mondelez Kinh Do.

With all its efforts and achievements over the past three years after the merger, Mondelez Kinh Do is considered a typical case of success for its ability to utilize and combine internal strengths of the local business when it comes to brands, products, and distribution network with the global brands, and knowledge and extensive experience of the international corporation.

Mondelez Kinh Do has made firm strides in the quest to offer consumers more delicious moments of joy and become the best snacking company in Vietnam. Consequently, the firm has been true to its name, Mondelez, which according to the Managing Director of Mondelez Kinh Do Viet Nam, Stephane Gripon, means “delicious world”!

Mondelez Kinh Do has launched a project called Joy Schools to promote physical activities among students


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