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Australian artist holds photo media exhibition in town
By Minh Tuan
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Australian artist holds photo media exhibition in town

By Minh Tuan

Darren Tynan poses with some of his artworks on the opening day of “Fear of Missing Out” - PHOTO: MINH TUAN

HCMC - Australian photo media artist Darren Tynan is holding an exhibition at Toong Minh Khai co-working space in HCMC’s District 3 to present his series “Fear of Missing Out” (FoMO) in which he documents video compression errors using broadcasts from free-to-air Australian television channels.

By intercepting broadcast signals, Tynan explores transmission glitches as a serendipitous phenomenon and as a creative tool in the photographic process. A project spanning two years, FoMO is a world punctuated by randomness, disintegration and transmutation.

“It was pouring down with rain on a Friday night in Perth, and I wanted to watch something mindless on television. I had bought a new antenna but it didn’t work properly, so the video signal kept dropping out. Too tired to reach for the remote, I became hypnotized by the video compression errors on the TV. Pixels and liquefied forms darted and wormed their way across the screen; colored blocks and bars erratically formed and disappeared, and digital artifacts merged and collided in a fragmented video collage,” Tynan said at the opening ceremony at Toong Minh Khai on September 28.

“That night, I dreamt about all the faces I had seen on the TV. The eyes of presenters from telemarketing commercials appeared to melt. News reporters burst into mosaics of glitches. Retro video game-esque shapes danced on top of politicians’ cheeks. When I tuned in again, I recreated these transmission errors and took pictures of different parts of scrambled video footage as it was undergoing a process of transformation in real time. After many months of doing this, I had witnessed bewitching noses jut out of ink black nothingness, razor-toothed men leer in digital limbo, and blocky, morphing faces squawk like exotic birds. I aim to materialize this strange abstract world in the form of concrete photographic documents, and to allow viewers to create their own narratives from the work.”

Tynan sees his approach to photography as a way to catalogue anomalous entities that inhabit these realms. “As a photographer, I am a hunter and an archaeologist, searching through disintegrating video broadcasts for new entities to immortalize,” he said.

The Australian artist categorizes these entities in three ways: an entity may have an undocumented existence, an entity may have a documented one, and an entity may have potential existence as something that could materialize in a video landscape containing infinite possibilities, a landscape that is not governed by logic or reason.

“Since there are so many potential entities to document, this creates a fear of missing out.”

The exhibition will be open to visitors free of charge until November 1.

Darren Tynan is an interdisciplinary artist, specializing in photography. Tynan's photographic works have featured in various international exhibitions as well as his home city of Perth in Western Australia. As an artist, he explores serendipity as a generative device and embraces technical malfunction and failure as a mode of photographic archaeology and cultural criticism.

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