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Global Champions 2018 – The unique interactive English contest in Vietnam
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Global Champions 2018 – The unique interactive English contest in Vietnam

Golden Path Academics Vietnam Joint-stock Company  (GPA Jsc.) has launched Global Champions 2018 as a unique interactive English contest in Vietnam for students in the ages of 10 to 15 to develop their global competence, mindset; to explore themselves as well as multiple cultures of countries worldwide.

We had an interesting conversation with Ms. Dao Thu Hien, founder of GPA Jsc., to listen to her sharing about Global Champions as well as her aspirations for the mission of enhancing Vietnamese workforce quality in the process of integration with the world.

After six years of establishment, where are you and GPA on the path of enhancing the quality of education and developing personal competency for your students?

GPA Jsc. is still pioneering with experiential training programs to enhance student competency by the philosophy of “learning by doing”. Besides training courses at GPA, we also coordinate with high schools nationwide to organize plenty of interactive training sections right at their sites.

The students really enjoyed our programs. They took it excitingly, studied better, and were able to prove their personal competency. We didn’t consider much on award or personal scores, but we evaluated their participation, effort and sense of teamwork. The programs customized for outstanding students were usually difficult because our students haven’t been familiar with learning out-of-the-book yet. However, after just a short period, they got used to it very well.  

GPA always has key activities every year attracting many students, with this year’s key activity being Global Champions. What are the distinguishing and unique points of this program?

With Global Champions 2018 program, students who love English can explore their personal competence and develop the eight golden skills of the 21st century, which are: creativity; critical thinking; eloquence; personal talent; technology; living skill; teamwork spirit; and leadership through attractive and extremely exciting activities. For instance, students will have chances of studying about NASA, challenging English skill and Internet application in team competition, English eloquence and talent contest, meal cooking and decoration contest by Master Chef concept, play acting and Cosplay contest, English challenges in normal communication and through discovering the cultures, cuisines, travels of eight countries including USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico, India, and Vietnam.

Ms. Đào Thu Hiền, General Director of GPA Jsc., at Global Champions 2018 Kick-off Ceremony.

This is the model of English contest through athletic, interactive games to be organized for the first time in Vietnam, which is different than other existing contests around listening, speaking, reading, writing or presentation.

How does GPA Jsc. approach and convince the parents to allow their children to participate in activities like Global Champions? 

We convince the parents by their children’s actual achievements after studying with GPA Jsc., how mature and outstanding they have become. I believe that nowadays parents are sensitive enough to recognize and consider whether they should believe in their decision to select GPA Jsc. or not. I think that a child’s achievement is the most accurate measurement, without the need for any advertising or marketing activity.

With Global Champions 2018, I am confident to provide our children the everlasting experience in their lives, as well as profound lessons. These do not only help them to form outstanding mindset, leadership and creativeness in perceiving and solving situation, to overcome challenges; but also to teach them the spirit of sacrificing for others by the request of protecting an egg during the competition. As a lot of wonderful benefits could be gained from Global Champions 2018, GPA Jsc. believe that parents will not miss their opportunity to let their children challenge, explore themselves and the world.

Is this kind of program popular in the world? How does GPA inherit and create to bring an exciting difference?

In some developed countries, the concept of combining team competition with personal thinking capability is very popular. However, this is the first time in Vietnam, we have a perfect integrated program covering brainstorming capacity, English communicating skill and pressing athletic competition.

Global Champions 2018 is the only program in Vietnam until now combining academic English, dynamic international camping, and the unique capability of each individual to form team power for competing.

Teammate combination is the key to form the power for winning the competition.

Will Global Champions 2018 end up as a contest with some rewards or lead to other opportunities for the children?

While participating in the program, beside cash rewards, the winners will have the chance to attend International Camp in Japan, and free English Eloquence courses. Through these activities, GPA Jsc. will support the students to train, practice and develop English communicating skill in order to give them the foundation to become global citizens of the 21st century. GPA will put effort to maintain this program as an annual activity, at the same time create more attractive and interesting programs.

Global Champions 2018 is the exclusive English contest organized by GPA Jsc. in association with strategic partners to provide the chance of experiencing pratical English interaction, exploring personal competency and developing eight golden skills of the 21st century: 1- creativeness, 2- critical thinking, 3- eloquence, 4- personal talent, 5- tecenology, 6-  living skill, 7- teamwork spirit, 8- leadership, along with opportunity to experience and explore cultures of eight countries: 1- USA, 2- UK, 3- Australia, 4- New Zealand, 5- Japan, 6- Mexico, 7- India, 8- Vietnam for students at the ages of 10 to 15 excellent in English.

Global Champions 2018 officially welcome the competitors in HCMC at 8am Sunday November 25th 2018, and in Hanoi at 8am Sunday December 2nd 2018.

For registration, please follow the links below: 

- Direct registration:

- Registration on hotline:

Ms. Vivian Nguyen – Program Director Ha Noi area: 090 225 9908

Ms. Le Luong  -  Program Director HCM area: 090 225 1545


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