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Armand de Brignac - The champagne of originality
Ban Cao
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Armand de Brignac - The champagne of originality

Ban Cao

As the demand for luxury goods is growing, connoisseurs are setting higher requirements for champagne. Not only are they more and more demanding when it comes to taste, but they are also seeking exclusivity, ultimate craftsmanship and the story behind the brand. Aware of this trend, the prestigious French champagne brand Armand de Brignac promises to meet all those requirements.


The brand with long heritage

Armand de Brignac is led by a 13th generation family-led wine-making team – the Cattier, including Jean-Jacques Cattier and his son, Alexandre Cattier. The family has been living in the French region of Montagne de Reims since 1625, owning 33 hectares of grape plantations in the most lauded terroirs across the Champagne region, including the villages in Rilly-la-Montagne, Chigny-les-Roses and Ludes.

With the tradition and experience of wine-making for over three centuries, in the early 21st century, Armand de Brignac was brought into life. The special name of this brand has an interesting backstory, when in the 1950s, Nelly Cattier, Jean-Jacques’s mother, came across a character called “De Brignac” in the novel she was reading.

Considering this a noble name, she registered it for use on a new wine in the future. In the 2000s, during the creation of the family’s new tête de cuvée, Jean-Jacques Cattier decided to pay tribute to his mother by adopting this special name, giving birth to Armand de Brignac of today.

Regardless its late coming, Armand de Brignac still manages to affirm its charm and uniqueness compared to other mass champagne brands. This champagne effortlessly wins the heart of connoisseurs and is always known for its original, complex and delicate flavors thanks to the craftsmanship and know-how passed down for centuries.

Champagne Armand de Brignac’s philosophy since the beginning has been guided by two principles – ensuring the highest quality at every step and allowing the fruit characters of each harvest to be expressive. Jean-Jacques Cattier and his son have been working hard for years to create a champagne of the most exceptional quality, a symbol of quintessence.

Meticulous in every single detail

The Cattier’s wine-making method is the reason why Armand de Brignac stands out for its originality and elegance. Each bottle goes through the hands of only 18 skilled people. Each step of the process is led by the human touch with meticulous attention given to every single detail, from picking, pressing the fruit until the departure of finished bottles from the cellar.


Only including the very first and freshest portion of the cuvée press to create the finest champagne. This is a wine-making signature of Armand de Brignac to ensure the juice abounds with vibrant fruit character, soft texture and balanced acidity. Although the rest of the extraction remains perfectly good for most champagnes, it is not used in the blends of Armand de Brignac to ensure the most exquisite and original flavor delivered to consumers.

The uniqueness of Armand de Brignac champagne is the blending of a trio of vintages. Each assemblage brings together the unique characters from three distinct harvests, while maintaining a powerful lineage after being blended and aged for a year in French oak barrels. The highlight of this wine-making process creates a sophisticated complexity for the champagne, eliciting hints of baked pastry, vanilla and toastiness.

Each bottle of Armand de Brignac is coated in metal, finished with the hand application of French pewter labels and polished. Only 20 bottles can be completed per person each hour in the winery.

Connoisseurs in Vietnam will be able to enjoy two renowned cuvées of Armand de Brignac, Brut Gold and Rosé, distributed by Alchemy Asia. In particular, Brut Gold remains the most iconic cuvée in the range expressing vibrant and fresh fruit character with a soft texture, available in two formats (750ml and 1.5l). Meanwhile, Rosé is crafted with Pinot Noir, featuring bright, fresh layers of red fruits, complemented by hints of baked pastry aromas.

With more than three centuries of wine-making experience and an uncompromising commitment to quality without too much focus on quantity, Armand de Brignac is the top choice of luxury consumers around the world. This brand will surely exceed consumers’ expectations in the Vietnam market.

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