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Golden key to good health
By Ngoc Min
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Golden key to good health

By Ngoc Min

Balanced diets are the foundation for good health and sound mind. To ensure a strong body build, people need to absorb nutrients through daily food consumption. According to nutrition experts, food with adequate nutrition is a golden key to the health of consumers.

Precious nutrients from nature…

The benefits of fish and fish products have been long proven. They are good for preventing cardiovascular diseases and improving eyesight and brain. Especially, fish fat is rich in natural nutrients, such as Omega-3 fatty acids which help reduce cholesterol levels and risks of cardiovascular diseases; DHA/EPA which is good for brain; and vitamins A and E which are good for eyesight. Therefore, consumers always want to add fish fat to the daily diets of their families through delicious dishes or medicine and functional food, such as fish oil, Omega-3 fatty acids and DHA tablets.

With more than 2,300 rivers, Vietnam is rich in fishery resources. Of which, Vietnam’s catfish is a favorite in foreign markets, such as Japan, South Korea and European countries. Realizing the enormous potential of fat in fish, Sao Mai Group has pioneered in the investment, research and development of Ranee, the first cooking oil product to be made entirely from fish in Vietnam.

Tra fish contains multiple nutrients

…to premium cooking oil brand Ranee

Ranee cooking oil can meet the demand of consumers and help improve the health of millions of Vietnamese people. The product is rich in essential nutrients from fish in each meal, so it has gradually won customer confidence.

Affirming the quality of Ranee premium cooking oil, Associate Professor Dr. Truong Tuyet Mai, deputy director of the National Institute of Nutrition, presented her research on the positive impacts of the product on human health at a scientific seminar in Danang City in 2016. Using the modern physical refining technology and production lines imported from Belgium’s Desmet Ballestra Group, Asia Fish Oil Corporation, a subsidiary of Sao Mai Group, has launched the Ranee-brand cooking oil product, with a nice design and outstanding quality, meeting strict international quality management systems such as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points and Halal food standards.

Ranee cooking oil meets international standards

As a companion of consumers in each meal, Ranee plays an important role in making fried dishes and salad and is the key to the nutrition balance of the human body.

Ranee has been honored multiple times with prestigious prizes, such as “top 100 products and services most trusted and used by consumers in 2019”, “golden medal for public health” award from the Viet Nam Association of Functional Food, and “top 100 products and services for families and children”.

Ranee, the first cooking oil product to be entirely made from fish in Vietnam, provides natural nutrients, contributing to improving the health of consumers, and is indispensable in the kitchen of households. Ranee, a made-in-Vietnam product, has been exported to many countries.

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