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A good way to cope with the pandemic
By Duy Khang
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A good way to cope with the pandemic

By Duy Khang

The Vietnamese have a famous folk verse that reads: “Nothing is better than rice and fish.” It emphasizes the importance of fish in daily meals. Fish is one of the first kinds of food to be on the menu. During the human evolution, fish has proved its important role in people’s daily diets.

The effectiveness of fish-based dishes in the treatment for diseases has been proven as fish not only helps diversify daily meals but also is rich in protein and other natural nutrients, helping build a strong physique.

Fish is indispensable in daily meals of families

Ranee premium cooking oil, made entirely from catfish, a popular farmed product in the Mekong Delta, is produced using knowledge from the past and modern science and technology. Being a product that features both traditional and modern characteristics, Ranee cooking oil has quickly won the trust of housewives.

The product, which contains natural nutrients in fish, such as Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids; DHA/EPA; and vitamins A and E, can help combat Covid-19 by improving the immune system of the human body.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is causing anxiety for local and foreign consumers. They are afraid that they may be infected with the deadly virus. If the pandemic continues, people may suffer from stress. The risk of catching the virus when going out or losing jobs when their neighborhood reports infections will directly affect people’s thinking and action. Therefore, a “tranquilizer” – fish-based cooking oil – should be added to daily meals to reduce people’s anxiety and stress during the pandemic.

Ranee premium cooking oil inherits the quintessence in the past and present

Never before have all restaurants and public entertainment venues shut down simultaneously, so people feel more anxious. They have rushed to buy food and other necessities. However, when they panic-buy, they will find it hard to keep calm and may miss important information, said British reporter Charlotte Powell. There is no cure for Covid-19 at the moment. Most coronavirus patients have recovered thanks to their strong immune system. Therefore, it is crucial to supply nutrients to strengthen immunity.

Tomorrow will come no matter how it is. What is your choice? Continue to panic or improve your health? You can go through the worst days if you are optimistic about the future. Having a healthy lifestyle and thinking positively are important to curb the pandemic.

The human progress always goes hand in hand with new diseases, which develop from basic ones. For example, Covid-19 is a new form of pneumonia. Experiences to treat diseases in the past have become a foundation for the treatment of diseases today.


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