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Greyhound Cafe - “Thai Food With A Twist” is back with a surprise
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Greyhound Cafe - “Thai Food With A Twist” is back with a surprise

Starting out as a fashion line back in 1980, after 18 years observing the market, in 1998 Greyhound’s founders have decided to open the first F&B concept under the same name – Greyhound Cafe – in one of the most buzzing malls in Bangkok and it became an instant hit. After a few weeks of opening, Greyhound Cafe was named “the hottest seats in Bangkok” by Fortune, showing its tremendous influence onto local fine diners.

Not confining itself to just Thailand, Greyhound Cafe has also expanded to other countries and received tons of appraise from wherever it set its footstep. So far, Greyhound Cafe has been to seven places around the world including Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Britain.

Greyhound Cafe Vietnam is the newest outlet of the well known concept. With industrial-style interior design & decor, and spacious seats, the Cafe offers a traditional but at the same time modern feel, simple yet no less sophisticated setting, which all seem to come along very well and create a comfortable Thai dining experience for the customers as well as suit those who just simply want a cup of coffee for a morning catchup.

Come to Greyhound Cafe, and you will experience first hand the concept’s special menu recipes. Thai dishes on the menu may give a familiar feel on the look, yet they are twisted beautifully to ensure the satisfaction of even the most hard-to-please customers.

To any Viet person out there, coffee & tea are considered one of the virtues, more or less irreplaceable parts of Vietnamese breakfast in general and Saigonese in particular. A morning cup of coffee with a bit of everything sure can wake up anyone’s tastebud, that creates a perfect morning breakfast to kick-start the day.

Understanding that beautiful tradition, Greyhound Café is bringing good morning news to those who do not know what to eat this morning and would love to try Greyhound Cafe Vietnam.

From July 01, 2020, Greyhound Café is starting “A Run Sa Wad” aka Good Morning, which offers free 1 cup of coffee or tea menu item (you name it – we serve it) for any breakfast item ordered from 08:00AM to 10:00AM every day. Visit Greyhound Cafe Vietnam today and grab yours!

Greyhound Cafe Vietnam from the front - 92 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1

• Fanpage: www.facebook.com/GreyhoundCafeVN/
• Instagram: www.instagram.com/greyhoundcafe.vn
• Website: www.greyhoundcafe.com.vn


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