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Vietnamese noodle soup—version of Can Tho
By Lam Nhu
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Vietnamese noodle soup—version of Can Tho

By Lam Nhu

A bowl of Can Tho-style noodle soup - PHOTO: PSAGO

Rice noodle soup with pork is a specialty in the Mekong Delta but well known across the country. The dish has many versions. One of the most tasty is Can Tho-style noodle soup.

Noodles are what making the dish unforgettable. The Mekong Delta city of Can Tho is home to an old-age noodle making village. Each household in the village has their own secret to create the best noodles.

First of all, good rice creates good noodles. Rice will be soaked in water and ground into powder which is used to shape noodles. Can Tho noodles has a light chewy texture as tapioca starch is one of materials used for it. The noodles are able to maintain their texture.

Broth is a highlight of the specialty. The thick soup is made by boiling pork chops for several hours. These pork chops are cured in spices and stir fried before being added to boiling water. The noodle soup cannot be without soft but crunchy pork chops. Additionally, dried shrimps, carrots, white radishes and pickled radishes make the broth taste sweetness.

The specialty should be served with bean sprouts, chives and lettuces. Pepper and sliced fried onions are indispensable toppings for the noodle soup. Diners should enjoy a bowl of Can Tho-style noodle soup with dipping sauce and sliced chilies.

Besides the rich flavor, the combination of the colors of ingredients offers the dish an appealing look.

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