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The tranquil, soothing hill in Binh Thuan
By Duong Thuy
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The tranquil, soothing hill in Binh Thuan

By Duong Thuy

A view of Hon Hong Hill - PHOTOS: DUONG THUY

Hon Hong is a peaceful hillscape in Hoa Thang Commune, Bac Binh District, Binh Thuan Province

My car was travelling on the flat road to attractions in Hoa Thang Commune. The untapped landscape was one of my favorites in the location. Under the blazing sun, herds of cows were grazing on the lush grass. What surprised me most was Vietnam still had those poetic views.

I met Tuan who is a local herdsman. He told me that most of people here earned their living from the sea. However, some had switched to raising cows to have better income while others worked for industrial zones or sought service jobs in Mui Ne.

Tuan also told me about Hon Hong Hill whose top is home to Champa sacred stones. He said nobody was allowed to touch these stones. Local people believed that a violator to that rule would be severely punished.

To reach the top of Hon Hong, we would have to travel more than 10 kilometers on foot. Conquering the hill was not easy. Tuan said he has not yet climbed to the top. On the remote path, there were no food and drink carts. However, I found out that the higher we climbed the hill, the more beautiful the view became.

A path leading to Hon Hong Hill

The hill was surrounded by plants and yellow sand where the red color of soil and the green of plants were outstanding. However, we were told that we ought to be careful with bon bon, a kind of poisonous plant which is fatal. Bon bon could be found here and there on the hill.

The best time of the year to visit Hon Hong is when leaves change their color.

At the foot of the hill was beautiful beaches and rocks. As the transport system remained primitive here, the beaches were untouched. Sitting on the beach, listening to sea waves and admiring little birds flying in the sunset sky made me feel like I was soothed by Mother Nature.

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