Thursday,  May 13, 2021,22:24 (GMT+7) 0 0
Vietnam’s Covid-19 infections jump by 31
Thursday,  May 13, 2021,19:40 (GMT+7)
HCMC – The Ministry of Health has confirmed 31 new Covid-19 cases, including 19 locally-infected cases in five localities and 12 imported cases, taking the country's Covid-19 tally to 3,710 as of tonight, May 13.
Hanoi suspends Thu Cuc Clinic due to Covid-19 case
Thursday,  May 13, 2021,18:32 (GMT+7)
HCMC – The Hanoi Department of Health today, May 13, issued a decision suspending the operations of the Thu Cuc International General Clinic, under the Thu Cuc Medical and Beauty Care JSC, located at 216 Tran Duy Hung in Cau Giay District, to verify and address issues related to its admission and treatment of a Covid-19 case reported on May 12.
Covid-19 infected Hacinco director temporarily suspended
Thursday,  May 13, 2021,18:29 (GMT+7)
HCMC – Nguyen Van Thanh, who was recently confirmed to be infected with Covid-19, has been temporarily suspended from his posts as secretary of the Party Committee and director of the Hanoi Construction Investment Company No.2 (Hacinco) for flouting Covid-19 prevention and control regulations.
HCMC asks all hospitals to test employees, patients, caregivers for Covid-19
Thursday,  May 13, 2021,16:15 (GMT+7)
HCMC – The HCMC Department of Health yesterday evening, May 12, asked all hospitals in the city to urgently collect samples from all employees, patients and caregivers for Covid-19 testing.
21 fresh community-transmitted Covid-19 cases reported
Thursday,  May 13, 2021,16:04 (GMT+7)
HCMC – The Ministry of Health this afternoon, May 13, reported 21 new locally-infected Covid-19 cases in seven cities and provinces, namely Bac Giang, Hung Yen, Thai Binh, Hanoi, Hue, Ha Nam and Hoa Binh.
Over 1.68 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine set to arrive in Vietnam
Thursday,  May 13, 2021,13:57 (GMT+7)
HCMC – The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said that over 1.68 million doses of the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine provided by COVAX Facility will arrive in Vietnam on May 16, Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long announced today, May 13.
35 new Covid-19 cases confirmed, 22 in Danang
Thursday,  May 13, 2021,08:32 (GMT+7)
HCMC – Vietnam’ Covid-19 tally has risen to 3,658 after the Ministry of Health reported 35 new cases this morning, May 13, including 33 domestic infections and two imported cases. Of the total, 22 cases were detected in Danang.
Two more north-south trains suspended due to Covid-19
Wednesday,  May 12, 2021,19:21 (GMT+7)
HCMC – The latest resurgence of Covid-19 facing many parts of Vietnam has forced the local railway sector to suspend the operations of the SE5/SE6 trains on the Hanoi-HCMC route.
New Covid-19 cases surge in Danang
Wednesday,  May 12, 2021,19:13 (GMT+7)
HCMC – The central city of Danang accounted for two-thirds of the total number of new Covid-19 cases confirmed in Vietnam this evening, May 12, with 20 new cases out of the country’s total of 30.
Quang Nam, Quang Tri suspend passenger transport services to virus-hit localities
Wednesday,  May 12, 2021,18:23 (GMT+7)
HCMC – The government of Quang Nam Province decided to suspend the operations of interprovincial coaches, contracted cars and taxis to Covid-19-hit provinces and cities starting tomorrow, May 13, while vehicles used for health care purposes or those with special permits will be allowed to operate.
Health Ministry confirms 22 fresh Covid-19 cases
Wednesday,  May 12, 2021,16:02 (GMT+7)
HCMC – The Ministry of Health this afternoon, May 12, confirmed 22 new Covid-19 cases, including 19 domestic infections, taking the country’s tally to 3,593.
Danang puts industrial park on lockdown as 30 Covid-19 cases detected
Wednesday,  May 12, 2021,15:52 (GMT+7)
HCMC – Authorities in Danang’s Son Tra District last night put An Don Industrial Park on lockdown after 30 contacts of a Covid-19 positive worker at the park tested positive for the coronavirus, a local official confirmed this morning, May 12.
Thirty-four new Covid-19 cases detected in six localities
Wednesday,  May 12, 2021,08:32 (GMT+7)
HCMC - Thirty-four new Covid-19 cases, including 33 domestic infections and one imported case, were found in six localities this morning, May 12, sending the country’s tally to 3,571.
Vietnam has 30 new coronavirus infections
Tuesday,  May 11, 2021,19:42 (GMT+7)
HCMC – Vietnam’s Covid-19 infections rose by 30 this evening, May 11, with three imported cases quarantined upon their arrival in the country and 27 community-infected cases, said the Ministry of Health.
Vietnam to arrange 110 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine this year
Tuesday,  May 11, 2021,18:40 (GMT+7)
CAN THO – The Ministry of Health is planning to arrange a total of 110 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine for the next large-scale vaccination this year.
Nationwide social distancing not yet necessary: Deputy PM
Tuesday,  May 11, 2021,18:20 (GMT+7)
HCMC – Given the current Covid-19 situation in Vietnam and the country’s on-going efforts to cushion the spread of the disease, it is not yet necessary to impose nationwide social distancing, said Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam at a press briefing today, May 11.
Hanoi bans gatherings of over 10 persons
Tuesday,  May 11, 2021,16:19 (GMT+7)
HCMC – The Hanoi government today, May 11, issued a directive banning gatherings of more than 10 people in public places and ordering strict compliance with Covid-19 safety protocols to prevent the spread of the virus.
Sixteen more community-infected cases of Covid-19 confirmed
Tuesday,  May 11, 2021,16:17 (GMT+7)
HCMC – The Ministry of Health reported 18 fresh Covid-19 cases this afternoon, May 11, including two imported cases and 16 cases by community transmission detected in locations that had been put under lockdown earlier.
Ministries, agencies told to facilitate deployment of tech solutions in Covid-19 fight
Tuesday,  May 11, 2021,15:07 (GMT+7)
HCMC – The national steering committee for Covid-19 infection prevention and control recently asked ministries, agencies and local authorities to step up efforts in deploying technology measures to combat Covid-19 that is raging in many parts of Vietnam.
Major hospitals asked to improve Covid-19 testing
Tuesday,  May 11, 2021,12:12 (GMT+7)
HCMC – The national steering committee for Covid-19 infection prevention and control has written to hospitals nationwide asking them to strictly practice social distancing and improve Covid-19 testing to curb the spread of the virus.
Just VND43 billion of VND16-trillion Covid-19 relief aid disbursed
Tuesday,  May 11, 2021,11:10 (GMT+7)
HCMC – The Vietnam Bank for Social Policies disbursed just some VND43 billion from the Government’s VND16-trillion credit package to support Covid 19-hit employers, according to the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV).
Vietnam’s Covid-19 community transmission tally increases by 28
Tuesday,  May 11, 2021,08:36 (GMT+7)
HCMC – The Ministry of Health confirmed 28 more cases of Covid-19 by community transmission this morning, May 11, raising Vietnam’s total number of locally-infected cases during the latest resurgence of Covid-19 since April 27 to 486 in 26 provinces and cities nationwide.
Vietnam’s Covid-19 cases rise by 17 after hours
Monday,  May 10, 2021,20:08 (GMT+7)
HCMC – The Ministry of Health this evening, May 10, confirmed 17 new Covid-19 cases, including one imported case in Ha Tinh Province and 16 locally-infected ones, taking the day’s total number of Covid-19 infections to 129, the highest single-day figure since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.
Ha Tinh, Quang Nam suspend interprovincial passenger coaches
Monday,  May 10, 2021,19:06 (GMT+7)
HCMC – Interprovincial passenger coaches in Ha Tinh and Quang Nam provinces were told to suspend their operations from/to provinces and cities hit by Covid-19 from today, May 10.
Danang suspends Covid-19 vaccination after vaccinated nurse encounters anaphylaxis
Monday,  May 10, 2021,18:50 (GMT+7)
HCMC – A nurse of Danang Hospital in Danang City was rushed into an intensive care unit and put on a ventilator this afternoon, May 10, after experiencing an anaphylactic reaction following her first shot of a Covid-19 vaccine, resulting in the city suspending its coronavirus inoculation campaign soon after, said a local health official.
HCMC reinstalls Covid-19 checkpoints
Monday,  May 10, 2021,18:17 (GMT+7)
HCMC – HCMC Chairman Nguyen Thanh Phong has ordered the resumption of checkpoints throughout the city to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 and asked the healthcare, police and military forces to take charge of these checkpoints.
HCMC to buy 300,000 Covid-19 test kits
Monday,  May 10, 2021,17:23 (GMT+7)
HCMC – HCMC will buy 300,000 more Covid-19 test kits to improve the capacity of Covid-19 testing and prepare the city for the worst-case scenario.
Health Ministry reports 32 new Covid-19 cases, including 21 in Hanoi
Monday,  May 10, 2021,15:59 (GMT+7)
HCMC – The number of Covid-19 cases reported in Vietnam today, May 10, has so far reached 112, a single-day record number of new cases, as the Ministry of Health confirmed 32 new cases, including 21 in Hanoi.
Covid-19-positive Danang resident visits many places in HCMC
Monday,  May 10, 2021,12:32 (GMT+7)
HCMC - A male resident of Danang visited many places in HCMC before he was diagnosed with Covid-19, according to the HCMC Center for Disease Control.
78 more locally-infected Covid-19 cases confirmed this morning
Monday,  May 10, 2021,08:30 (GMT+7)
HCMC - The Ministry of Health this morning, May 10, reported 80 new Covid-19 cases, including two imported cases in Dong Nai and 78 locally-transmitted ones in nine provinces and cities, taking the country’s tally to 3,412.
Vietnam records biggest single-day rise in Covid-19 cases
Sunday,  May 9, 2021,21:02 (GMT+7)
HCMC - Vietnam tonight, May 9, reported 87 new Covid-19 cases, both imported and locally transmitted, taking the day's total number of infections to 102, which is the record number of new cases in a single day.
Vietnam reports 15 new domestic Covid-19 infections
Sunday,  May 9, 2021,08:31 (GMT+7)
HCMC - The Ministry of Health has confirmed 15 locally transmitted Covid-19 cases in five localities, taking the country’s Covid-19 tally to 3,245 as of this morning, May 9.
Covid-19 continues to rage as new community-infected cases soar by 65
Saturday,  May 8, 2021,22:10 (GMT+7)
HCMC – The Ministry of Health confirmed 78 fresh Covid-19 patients this evening, May 8, with 65 of them catching the deadly disease through community transmission, raising the country’s total locally-infected cases during the latest coronavirus wave since April 27 to 241.
Danang again issues market coupons to locals to prevent coronavirus outbreak
Saturday,  May 8, 2021,19:08 (GMT+7)
DANANG - The People's Committee of Danang City started to apply the “market coupon” policy throughout the city from May 8, 2021 to limit gatherings amid the Covid-19 outbreak.
Localities asked to minimize social distancing impact on socioeconomic development
Saturday,  May 8, 2021,15:20 (GMT+7)
HCMC - Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh said local governments should minimize the impact of social distancing on socioeconomic development, ensure the regular transportation of goods and avoid panic among the community.
Quang Ninh, Haiphong report Covid-19 cases linked to K Hospital
Saturday,  May 8, 2021,13:50 (GMT+7)
HCMC – Quang Ninh Province and Haiphong City in northern Vietnam have reported two Covid-19 cases in connection with Hanoi-based K Hospital ’s Tan Trieu Campus.
Covid-19 pandemic spreads to 19 localities in Vietnam
Saturday,  May 8, 2021,08:30 (GMT+7)
HCMC – The Ministry of Health this morning, May 8, reported 15 new locally-infected cases of Covid-19, taking the country’s total infections by community transmission during the latest coronavirus resurgence since April 27 to 176 cases in 19 provinces and cities nationwide.
Medical worker dies after coronavirus vaccination
Saturday,  May 8, 2021,00:09 (GMT+7)
HCMC – A 35-year-old medical worker at the Tan Chau General Hospital in the Mekong Delta province of An Giang has died after getting vaccinated against Covid-19. This is the first death linked to Covid-19 vaccine in Vietnam, the Ministry of Health confirmed this evening, May 7.
40 more locally-infected Covid-19 cases confirmed
Friday,  May 7, 2021,20:07 (GMT+7)
HCMC - The Ministry of Health this evening, May 7, confirmed 46 new Covid-19 cases, including six imported cases and 40 community-transmitted cases, with Hanoi reporting the most number of Covid-19 cases of 24.
Thanh Hoa puts over 1,800 students and teachers under home quarantine
Friday,  May 7, 2021,18:46 (GMT+7)
HCMC – Over 1,730 students and 100 teachers and employees at Nguyen Van Troi Primary School in Thanh Hoa Province have been placed under quarantine at home after a Covid-19 case was detected.
HCMC locks down alley in District 3 as new Covid-19 case found
Friday,  May 7, 2021,18:10 (GMT+7)
HCMC – The local authorities have locked down Alley No. 359, Le Van Sy Street, Ward 13, District 3, HCMC, since early this morning, May 7, after a man living there tested positive for Covid-19 again.
Quang Ngai begins social distancing
Friday,  May 7, 2021,16:36 (GMT+7)
HCMC – The authorities of Quang Ngai Province decided to implement social distancing measures starting from 12 p.m. today, May 7, to curb the spread of Covid-19 in the central province.
Vietnamese refrain from travel as Covid-19 returns
Friday,  May 7, 2021,16:30 (GMT+7)
HCMC - Airlines are rushing to cope with the soaring demands for refunds, postponements and cancelations of flight tickets as the reemergence of Covid-19 is scaring off travelers.
Ninh Binh turns away tourists amid Covid-19 fears
Friday,  May 7, 2021,16:17 (GMT+7)
HCMC – Ninh Binh Province has temporarily stopped receiving travelers to tourist, religious and historical sites from today, May 7, until further notice to stop the current spread of Covid-19 in several parts of the country.
HCMC suspends more services, gatherings of over 30 people
Friday,  May 7, 2021,16:09 (GMT+7)
HCMC – The HCMC government has decided to suspend more nonessential services and gatherings of more than 30 people in public places from 6 p.m. today, May 7, to stop the current spread of Covid-19 in the community.
Nghe An reports first Covid-19 locally-infected case in latest coronavirus wave
Friday,  May 7, 2021,13:48 (GMT+7)
HCMC – A resident of Nghe An Province who returned from the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases in Hanoi’s Dong Anh District tested positive for Covid-19 on May 6, confirmed a local health official.
With 10 Covid-19 cases, three campuses of K Hospital put under lockdown
Friday,  May 7, 2021,12:54 (GMT+7)
HCMC – As Hanoi-based K Hospital has reported 10 community-transmitted Covid-19 cases, including inpatients and their family members, three campuses of the hospital have been put under lockdown.
Vinh Phuc’s city begins social distancing today
Friday,  May 7, 2021,12:40 (GMT+7)
HCMC – Vinh Phuc Province's government has decided to begin social distancing in the entire Vinh Yen City for 15 days from today, May 7, to curb the spread of Covid-19 as the city has reported 11 Covid-19 patients and several suspected cases.
Man in Thanh Hoa becomes Vietnam’s latest Covid-19 patient
Friday,  May 7, 2021,08:32 (GMT+7)
HCMC – A man who resides in Thanh Hoa City of the same name province has tested positive for Covid-19 after having close contact with a Chinese expert, who was found to be infected with Covid-19 after quarantining in Yen Bai.
Vietnam’s Covid-19 tally surges to 3,090 with 60 new cases
Thursday,  May 6, 2021,21:48 (GMT+7)
HCMC - The Ministry of Health has confirmed 60 fresh Covid-19 cases, including four imported cases and 56 domestic infections, sending Vietnam’s tally to 3,090 as of this evening, May 6.
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