Friday,  Apr 19, 2019,21:16 (GMT+7) 0 0
Thursday,  Apr 4, 2019,21:04 (GMT+7)
Parents are terrified, experts worried, and State leaders concerned over what may have amounted to a moral crisis when tens of thousands, or possibly hundreds of thousands, of young people applaud what are generally perceived as counter-value developments in society. Drug abuse, fighting, gambling, and other social vices attached to so-called social media heroes have been widely covered by local mainstream media lately as stern warnings, but the case only sent the public into rupture when police arrested an idol of the wrong-footed young people days ago.
Thursday,  Mar 28, 2019,21:32 (GMT+7)
It is no man’s land, so to say, when numerous people without land use right certificates or any ownership papers in Hanoi City’s Soc Son District can transfer land in the namesake protected forest, and have grassroots authorities approve or certify such deals. The anarchy, which has dragged on for decades, reveals incredible facts: multiple loopholes in land management, incompetent authorities, ineffective law enforcement, and a seemingly insurmountable barrier to remedying the situation.
Friday,  Mar 22, 2019,17:11 (GMT+7)
Cleaning up the environment should, at length, be the responsibility of all people in a community, though the mandate is formally consigned to a government-entrusted entity. In that sense, any proactive action by citizens to improve the environment should be encouraged rather than stonewalled.
Thursday,  Mar 14, 2019,21:18 (GMT+7)
The voice is finally heard, at least hopefully so.
Thursday,  Mar 7, 2019,22:00 (GMT+7)
Conditions are ripe for the African swine fever (ASF) to spread and become a national epidemic if tough measures are not taken, fully and drastically. Within less than three weeks since the outbreaks were first reported in the northern province of Hung Yen in mid-February, the disease has now spread to nine northern provinces and cities, with Hoa Binh and Dien Bien being confirmed this Wednesday as the latest victims. The southern region is reeling from the quick-pace spread, as a huge volume of pigs is still being transported from north to south.
Thursday,  Feb 28, 2019,20:07 (GMT+7)
The U.S.-North Korea Summit in Hanoi ended Thursday without an agreement signed between the two leaders – President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un – as expected, dashing hopes that a deal of some form would be struck to satisfy the relevant sides. In a sense, however, it is still a big success for Vietnam as the host country.
Thursday,  Feb 21, 2019,21:25 (GMT+7)
Violence and chaos are the dominant snapshots at numerous temples and pagodas, especially in northern Vietnam, when throngs of people flood religious sites these days to indulge themselves in a mystical atmosphere to pray for luck and make offerings to cast out bad spells. The picture, as depicted in local media, mirrors nothing other than the degradation from religious belief to superstition, say religious leaders.
Thursday,  Jan 24, 2019,21:08 (GMT+7)
The bell of alarm has rung again over the widespread depravity in society.
Thursday,  Jan 17, 2019,21:38 (GMT+7)
Every day, over 50 traffic accidents occur nationwide. Every day, some 22 are killed and nearly 40 injured on the road, besides huge material damages and medical costs. Still, little has been done to contain the tragedy inflicted on society.
Thursday,  Jan 10, 2019,22:01 (GMT+7)
A big problem in State administration has now been singled out.
Thursday,  Jan 3, 2019,20:48 (GMT+7)
It is not just the discord between the plaintiff and the defendant in a lawsuit. The verdict by the HCMC People’s Court last Friday, ordering the ride-hailing firm Grab to pay VND4.8 billion as compensation to the traditional taxi firm Vinasun for extracontractual damages, has opened a rift in society, with proponents hailing the ruling as an effort to restore order and justice in the transport sector, and opponents seeing it as a setback for the country’s hi-tech embrace. The 18-month legal battle between Vinasun and Grab can hardly been settled with the verdict.
Thursday,  Dec 27, 2018,20:50 (GMT+7)
It may have gone almost unnoticed, when grassroots authorities in a hinterland area announced last week that from now on, H’mong ethnic people in Pa Co Commune in Hoa Binh Province’s Mai Chau District will forgo their traditional New Year celebrations and enjoy the Lunar New Year or Tet with Kinh people. The move, though limited to just a few villages in the region, looks like a coercive marriage that should ring an alarm bell.
Thursday,  Dec 20, 2018,19:59 (GMT+7)
Concerns about the learning environment have intensified given innumerable misdeeds by teachers lately, from babysitters brutally beating toddlers to teachers insulting students, or maltreating students causing severe bodily harm, and most recently a headmaster sexually abusing some of his students. Although such heart-ripping events do not depict the complete picture of the country’s education, the public trust has to some extent been shattered, and thus tough measures rather than lip service must be taken immediately to restore people’s confidence in schools as safe places for their kids.
Thursday,  Dec 13, 2018,19:56 (GMT+7)
Construction quality, for many State officials, is a matter of little concern and so is the people’s safety. The fatal accident that took place in the south-central province of Phu Yen this Monday speaks volumes about this irresponsibility.
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