Monday,  Jul 22, 2019,16:32 (GMT+7) 0 0
Saturday,  Jul 13, 2019,01:11 (GMT+7)
The Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) is at odds with the Ministry of Transport over a plan to develop the north-south express railway, with the difference centering on the cost of the mammoth project. The stark contrast between the two ministries is front-paged across the board, with many experts railing against the transport ministry for what they claim as an unviable and lavish investment scheme.
Thursday,  Jul 4, 2019,21:41 (GMT+7)
Enhancing the fire-fighting capacity, needless to say, must be a top priority, if risks are to be deterred and damages contained. However, what happened last week during raging forest fires in the north-central province of Ha Tinh reveals a sad fact: money is not appropriated for curbing dangers.
Thursday,  Jun 27, 2019,21:21 (GMT+7)
The huge threat has been looming large, for long years, and has also been perceived by relevant State agencies, but little deterrence has been taken until such a threat transforms itself into grave consequences, one after another. From Khaisilk to Asanzo, and possibly many other fraudulent practices that are yet to be uncovered, millions of consumers have been cheated, mistaking commodities of unclear origins for genuinely Vietnamese items, while State agencies are confused over what to do, given an inadequate legal corridor.
Thursday,  Jun 20, 2019,21:08 (GMT+7)
The corruption case sends ripple waves across society after police in the northern province of Vinh Phuc apprehended an entire team of Construction Ministry inspectors, and early this week pressed formal charges against three of them for bribe taking. For the business community, whatever can happen, will happen. It is a matter of when, not if, such corruption cases involving inspectors are revealed, but the case also serves as a red alert for top authorities to seek measures to contain the situation, if business development is to be pursued.
Thursday,  Jun 13, 2019,18:59 (GMT+7)
The crucial link of the crime ring is now broken. And it is very much telling.
Thursday,  Jun 6, 2019,20:18 (GMT+7)
Everything stays put regarding the ban on drink driving, despite the National Assembly’s failure to send a crystal-clear message on the topic early this week on whether or not to tolerate a minimal alcoholic consumption by riders. Lawmakers are split when they vote – not once but twice – to add a provision to the draft law on fighting harmful effects of beer and alcohol, and the absence of a consensus gives way to a misconception and a miscommunication. The status quo remains.
Thursday,  May 30, 2019,21:02 (GMT+7)
The questions are striking and piercing. As the scandal of educational depravity is being unveiled these days with hundreds of students in three northern upland provinces having their scores at last year’s national high-school graduation exam doctored to qualify for university admissions, the entire society is shocked, angered, and frustrated.
Thursday,  May 23, 2019,22:09 (GMT+7)
On one hand, the Agriculture Ministry may heap praise for having responded vigorously to the threat of the red swamp crayfish as an invasive alien species which is dangerous to the country’s biodiversity and sustainable agriculture. On the other hand, the move reveals loopholes, as the alarm bell has been rung in the long past.
Thursday,  May 16, 2019,20:45 (GMT+7)
The aim – as the name of the Fuel Price Stabilization Fund says it – is to put fuel prices in check so that “the rights and interests of the State, the enterprise and the people are safeguarded.” Such a motto has often been invoked whenever State agencies want to impose intervention in the economy, and has for the most part been accepted as a matter of course. It seems to have gone wrong now, though.
Thursday,  May 9, 2019,23:51 (GMT+7)
Digital transformation is regarded as a priority for the country in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, but on the path to realizing such a goal, there are lots of impediments and hiccups. To this effect, a tentative proposal by the HCMC government recently sent to the Ministry of Finance to “expand the tax base and fight erosion of the State budget revenue” bucks the trend of digitalization, regrettably and surprisingly.
Thursday,  May 2, 2019,21:15 (GMT+7)
It is like a deafening cry when local media has an extensive coverage of abnormally higher power bills for this past month. Complaints by consumers amount to tens of thousands, with many saying their power bills for April double or triple the previous month, while the State utility Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN) says the average rise for household power charges hovers around 35%, and that the surge is normal for a longer month of scorching weather. Experts, however, point the finger at the policy of applying the power consumption ladder that has stayed put for years despite drastic changes in the economic landscape.
Thursday,  Apr 25, 2019,19:01 (GMT+7)
Vietnam is known as a haven for drinkers as beer and liquor can be found everywhere, mostly at surprisingly low prices. People are aware of the harm of drinking but beer gardens and restaurants are always crowded. Gatherings for socializing, entertainment and even business dealings at beer gardens and restaurants have become normal. But binge drinking is what makes members of society most concerned as many road accidents involve people driving under the influence (DUI). It is high time to put an end to the practice of consuming too much beer and alcohol, especially among youth.
Thursday,  Apr 18, 2019,18:03 (GMT+7)
In any particular culture, people always treat funerals with respect and their thoughts and prayers are always with bereaved families. However, a new yet unacceptable social phenomenon has emerged in Vietnam. Funerals involving celebrities often attract large crowds of people but many of these people come for live video streaming. This inappropriate behavior has drawn strong criticisms and condemnations following the funeral of popular comedian Anh Vu.
Thursday,  Apr 11, 2019,16:34 (GMT+7)
A journalism aphorism that a dog biting a man is not newsworthy has proved wrong. It is news, and sensational news at that.
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