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Friday,  Mar 3, 2017,07:28 (GMT+7)
A strong campaign launched weeks ago by authorities of HCMC’s District 1 to restore order on sidewalks has achieved encouraging results, when footways along major streets now look more spacious, pedestrians feel more secure, and traffic to some extent is more disciplined. The greatest achievement, however, is that the endeavor has won strong backing from all walks of life, from top leaders of the country to the media and the public.
Friday,  Feb 24, 2017,13:54 (GMT+7)
The protracted saga at Nam Trung Yen Primary School in Hanoi City’s Cau Giay District finally unfolds, but the outcome can hardly be claimed as a happy ending though the school’s leaders have been dismissed and justice has prevailed. Nearly three months since a second-grader at the school was severely injured when he was hit by a taxicab transporting the school’s principal and vice principal into the school’s campus, the truth has now been verified, despite lies after lies by the school’s leaders and all their tricks to conceal the facts.
Friday,  Feb 17, 2017,13:53 (GMT+7)
Within just two hours at two road sections this Wednesday, authorities of District 1 in HCMC and traffic police handled over 100 cases of motorcycle users riding on the sidewalk, and imposed an administrative fine of VND350,000 each on violators. Such sanctions are seen heavy-handed, as most road users see riding on the sidewalk not an abnormal behavior, but a work-a-day practice, and few had been punished for such infringement of the law before. The big number of violators in just a short length of time on one hand sheds light on the low public awareness of legal compliance, and the poor performance of management agencies in securing urban order in as many years on the other hand.
Friday,  Feb 10, 2017,19:21 (GMT+7)
An alarm is sounded these days when the threat of an alien creature farmed in the Mekong Delta that may do harm to local agriculture makes headlines in local media. The alien creature is the red swamp crayfish, but is commonly referred to by locals as the red lobster due to the resemblance between the two. The emergence of the crayfish renders a red alert, not only because of the possible damage the creature can cause to local farming, but also because numerous lessons in the past have not been learned.
Friday,  Feb 3, 2017,17:46 (GMT+7)
For the sake of effective control, especially when it comes to restoring public order, various vehicles can be employed to achieve the end as long as such vehicles are legal and legitimate. Otherwise, the means is not acceptable.
Friday,  Jan 20, 2017,01:22 (GMT+7)
Food safety has become an issue of utmost concern these days, not only for foreign importers but also for local consumers, so the key question is how and where food is produced. In other words, what today’s buyers want is that food items are traceable. Such a trend is now being proactively taken by both State management agencies and enterprises, who have become aware that it is a matter of survival.
Friday,  Jan 13, 2017,20:20 (GMT+7)
Local media this week has voiced strong objections to a provision in the draft amendments to the Labor Code, which seeks to abolish the prevailing regulation that female workers taking care of babies aged less than 12 months are given 60 minutes off a day. Such a provision, says the media, does more harm than good for female workers and society as a whole.
Friday,  Jan 6, 2017,19:47 (GMT+7)
Terrifying numbers resurface when authorities nationwide converge each year to look into the country’s road traffic situation. Thousands have been killed, tens of thousands injured, and an innumerable amount of properties destroyed despite efforts to contain the tragic situation.
Friday,  Dec 30, 2016,23:56 (GMT+7)
For a capital-intensive industry like aviation, any major changes at the expense of air carriers will be costly and thus require thorough calculations and a long-term vision. A random suggestion by the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam (CAAV) that all air carriers should map out plans to park their planes at Can Tho airport overnight to ease the overload at HCMC’s Tan Son Nhat International Airport has therefore backfired, as seen in local media these days. 
Friday,  Dec 23, 2016,20:28 (GMT+7)
As the central city of Danang is famous for its beautiful landscapes, clean environment and peaceful life, any infrastructure development projects should be taken into careful consideration so that merits of the city are not spoiled, and such projects should deserve the funds spent. For mammoth projects with strong impact on local residents like the controversial tunnel beneath the Han River, caution once again must be the first rule, as any decisions made in haste will lead to a huge waste and bad impact on society. 
Friday,  Dec 16, 2016,19:40 (GMT+7)
Muong Thanh Group has become known in the country, not because of the numerous high-class construction projects with its nametag but rather its notorious violations of law and its ignorance of decisions made by authorities. From Hanoi in the north to HCMC in the south, from Nha Trang City in the central region to Buon Ma Thuot City in the Central Highlands, irregularities committed by the group are rampant and beyond the management of local authorities. The group defies the tough stance of local law enforcement agencies, probably knowing that such threats of sanctions are just lip service.
Friday,  Dec 9, 2016,21:35 (GMT+7)
The State Bank of Vietnam has in recent years issued several regulations to put gold trading under stricter control and reorganize the market, and it is widely believed that people have become tired of gold. However, whenever there are factors unnerving consumers, such as groundless rumors, then a gold fever would resurface, as seen in the past few days.
Friday,  Dec 2, 2016,20:49 (GMT+7)
Due to its misleading fish sauce test results, the Vietnam Standard and Consumers Association (Vinastas) last week issued an official apology to consumers, fish sauce producers, distributors and authorities. Nonetheless, the damaging impact of the wrongful survey is so huge that it might take the country’s traditional fish sauce industry a long time to recover.
Friday,  Nov 25, 2016,13:50 (GMT+7)
Spam text messages have long been a headache for millions of mobile subscribers in Vietnam, who every day are bothered by nuisance advertising texts. The messages are not sent by mobile network operators, but from unknown users of simcards.
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