Tuesday,  Oct 23, 2018,16:07 (GMT+7) 0 0
Friday,  Apr 27, 2018,20:19 (GMT+7)
The plan to adjust the retirement age gets stuck again when the issue is revisited this week. The Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs submitted the plan to the National Assembly’s Social Affairs Committee this Monday, seeking approval to gradually extend the retirement age to 65 years for men and 60 for women. Though it is agreed that such a change is inevitable to keep the social insurance fund from going bust, there is no single viable way to do so, as seen in debates covered in local media these days.
Friday,  Apr 20, 2018,18:18 (GMT+7)
The entire society is turned upside down when it is revealed that a coffee processor in the Central Highlands province of Dak Nong has mixed harmful chemicals with coffee byproducts on an industrial scale for sale on the domestic market. The local media is awash with denunciations and indignation towards the unethical business owner for poisoning consumers en mass, and demands tough sanctions. Simply put, producing poisonous drinks in this case must be treated as a criminal offense, say local news outlets.
Friday,  Apr 13, 2018,15:01 (GMT+7)
There are thousands of victims, who claim to have been cheated as much as VND15 trillion, or roughly US$650 million, by a virtual currency ring, but there is little sympathy. However, worries over social instability are awash, given the rampant development of cryptocurrency trading rings that are operating in broad daylight without being punished.
Friday,  Apr 6, 2018,21:15 (GMT+7)
The visibility was blurred when smoke from haystacks and straw being burned on the field pervaded a section of HCMC-Long Thanh-Dau Giay Expressway this Tuesday, causing a multiple-vehicle collision as drivers receiving no warnings rammed their autos into one another. The blame game ensued, as covered in local media.
Friday,  Mar 30, 2018,19:19 (GMT+7)
The tragic fire at the Carina Plaza condo complex in HCMC’s District 8 last week that killed 14 people took the spotlight at the March press conference organized by the HCMC government on March 29, not only because of multiple irregularities at the building related to fire safety. Rather, it is because the fire sets off the alarming bell in the entire society, as fire prevention and fighting solutions at numerous high-rise buildings in HCMC as well as the entire country are a matter of grave concern.
Friday,  Mar 23, 2018,22:18 (GMT+7)
A fatal traffic accident took place early this week when two vehicles – one fire engine and an inter-provincial bus – moving in opposite directions collided on an expressway in Hanoi. Traffic accidents are by no means abnormal in the country, but the case this time has stirred up heated debate, with many lawyers, experts, and the public entering a war of words over who or what is to blame for the accident.
Friday,  Mar 16, 2018,21:48 (GMT+7)
The news came as a tsunami, sending shockwaves throughout the country when police busted a huge gambling ring this week, detaining a former major general at the Ministry of Public Security plus scores of others including entrepreneurs, and taking hold of trillions of Vietnam dong evidenced as gambling money. The case, now under extensive investigation, points to huge damages a high-ranking corrupt official can inflict on society, although it also mirrors the determination of national leaders to fight crimes.
Friday,  Mar 9, 2018,21:34 (GMT+7)
Loud complaints are still unheard, despite karaoke singing is spreading like an epidemic in the country, from megacities to out-of-the-way rural areas, wreaking havoc the normal life, affecting public health, and giving way to deadly conflicts.
Friday,  Mar 2, 2018,22:06 (GMT+7)
The proposed scheme by the Ministry of Finance to raise the environment tax on fuels from this July has been stiffly objected from far and wide, with many experts questioning the ministry’s wisdom in spurring State budget revenue disguised under the environmental cause. Under a draft Government resolution passed around by the ministry for public comment, the tax sum will rise to VND4,000 per liter of petrol from the current VND3,000, while the additional sums on other fuels range from VND500 to VND1,100 a liter.
Friday,  Feb 9, 2018,21:10 (GMT+7)
Many Hanoians had a chance to admire a flock of 12 beautiful swans roaming on Hoan Kiem Lake, also known as the Sword Lake, in the capital city early this week. Now, however, all the birds are no longer there, as the tentative plan to beautify the scenery has been shelved due to strong criticism.
Saturday,  Feb 3, 2018,00:03 (GMT+7)
Auto makers and traders have since late last year prepared themselves for a booming 2018, while consumers have dreamed and patiently waited for the right time in the New Year to buy a car at a much lower price as the tariff was due to plunge to zero from the previous 30% for autos imported from ASEAN countries. The preparations are in vain, and the dreams are shattered, as new policies have changed the market upside down, stonewalling all channels. And the brake is firmly on.
Friday,  Jan 26, 2018,22:46 (GMT+7)
By turning down a Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) proposal to halt the airport entry/fee collection from automobiles, the Ministry of Transport has drawn fire from the public. For years, many questions have been raised over the purpose of the fee at airports across the country, with millions of passengers, drivers and transport firms having their pockets picked. Foreigners who come to the country for the first time do not understand why they are subject to the airport entry/exit fee aside from an airport charge which is included in air ticket prices. Some of them even refuse to pay it.
Friday,  Jan 19, 2018,14:42 (GMT+7)
A painful answer is finally given to the question over the ever-rising State budget for regular expenses and the shrinking appropriations for growth: the overstaffed State machinery. The State Audit Office of Vietnam, in a conference this Monday, announced its findings: the number of redundant public servants in the State apparatus is 57,175. Such a huge number is calculated based on the regulatory staffing policies for the State machinery, although it is widely agreed that the State machinery itself is already bulky and should be further streamlined.
Friday,  Jan 12, 2018,21:22 (GMT+7)
From a certain perspective, it can be said the Ministry of Industry and Trade has scored success when seeking to popularize the biofuel E5, as consumption of this fuel has doubled or even tripled in the first few days since the prices of fuels were adjusted last week. The results – which can be likened to killing two birds with a stone – are encouraging as the biofuel has been widely accepted on the one hand, and several loss-making ethanol plants have now seen light at the end of the tunnel and revived production on the other. Fuel traders are happy as well, so to say.
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