Friday,  Apr 19, 2019,21:38 (GMT+7) 0 0
Thursday,  Oct 11, 2018,20:41 (GMT+7)
High productivity is generally deemed a desirable achievement, but for Vietnamese farmers, such an outcome poses risks, which under many circumstances can turn out to be a painful failure. That proves right for the dragon fruit these days, when the farm produce price takes a nosedive, resulting in huge losses for farmers and prompting calls for rescue from all walks of life, as seen in local media.
Thursday,  Oct 4, 2018,21:34 (GMT+7)
The conflict between preservation and development has always been a constant one, but in HCMC, it is even more striking given the fast pace of development. The issue therefore steals the limelight when local authorities put forth for public comment a scheme to tear down an ancient building to allow for expanding the municipal administrative center.
Thursday,  Sep 27, 2018,21:42 (GMT+7)
The cost is huge and is widely seen in local media these days as wastefulness when textbooks by the Vietnam Education Publishing House under the Ministry of Education and Training are for the most part turned scrap after each school year.
Thursday,  Sep 20, 2018,19:30 (GMT+7)
It comes as good news for many parents in HCMC when the municipal government says all children at public schools will be exempted from tuition fees up to the ninth grade, effective from this school year. For poor families, the tentative scheme is a big sigh of relief, which as described by local media shows the humanitarian policy towards the city’s citizenry.
Thursday,  Sep 13, 2018,20:08 (GMT+7)
The controversy gets heated following instructions by the Hanoi City government to restrict the consumption of dog meat in the city, with the two aims to safeguard public health and enhance the city’s image as a civilized urban center where cruelty towards animals should not be tolerated. The public is divided over the restriction, with proponents outnumbering opponents.
Thursday,  Sep 6, 2018,20:58 (GMT+7)
The general public has conveyed support, but experts and officials are split over a plan to develop an Urban Railway Project No. 2 underground terminal at a site next to Ho Guom (Sword Lake) in the heart of Hanoi. While many are of the opinion that such a facility gives a strong boon to the development of the core zone in the capital city, others have voiced reservations and even full-throated protests, saying such a construction work would threaten the lake as a national heritage site.
Thursday,  Aug 30, 2018,20:07 (GMT+7)
The cause looks noble when government agencies with the mandate to protect consumers have launched inspections into enterprises suspicious of wrongdoing. However, the unintended consequences of such inspections that are conducted with the participation of numerous media outlets, as claimed by inspectors, are extremely damaging to enterprises. The practice, repeated time and again, therefore, is simply unacceptable, according to local media in the soul-searching aftermath of the latest case involving the famous Kieu Giang restaurant chain.
Thursday,  Aug 16, 2018,19:06 (GMT+7)
The deadline set by the Prime Minister for ministries and relevant agencies to make life easier for businesses by abolishing at least half of the business conditions and specialized inspections on imported commodities has passed, but the job is far from done. The reluctance to improve the country’s business environment, as pointed out by local media, mirrors a deep-rooted mindset among many agencies who seek to maintain their own management style rather than to switch to a pro-business approach.
Thursday,  Aug 9, 2018,20:47 (GMT+7)
The business deal between VinaCapital and local trader of poultry egg and meat Ba Huan never gets hatched, as the foreign investment fund has finally agreed to terminate the cooperation agreement as sought by the local firm. It is normal business when two parties in a deal fail to have common voice and part company with each other, but the divorce between VinaCapital and Ba Huan unveils numerous abnormalities that stun experts and the general public alike.
Saturday,  Aug 4, 2018,17:30 (GMT+7)
The environmental pollution threat is looming larger than ever as the nation is struggling with a huge influx of scrap from other countries. Backlogs of scrap containers have piled up at seaports across the country, posing a tough question for environment authorities on how to deal with the unwanted garbage.
Thursday,  Jul 26, 2018,19:17 (GMT+7)
Despite the presence of laws, market surveillance agencies and industry associations, consumers are still vulnerable to trade fraud. There are many cunning enterprises out there cheating their clients to make illegal gains. Last year, Khaisilk, then seen as a top Vietnamese silk brand with a history of over 30 years, made a shock revelation that its scarves had been imported from China rather than made locally as assumed by customers long before. The public trust in such a Vietnamese high-end brand vanished in a blink of an eye and the company has never been able to get back to business ever since. But it seems the lesson has not been learned by many businesses eager to make quick bucks out of dishonesty.
Thursday,  Jul 19, 2018,21:29 (GMT+7)
All are turned upside down when massive fraud was uncovered this week regarding the outcome of the national high-school graduation examinations, sending shockwaves across the country. On Wednesday, investigators found that an official with Ha Giang Province’s Department of Education had manipulated exam papers to raise the scores of as many as 114 students, which might allow many of them who should have failed in the exams to be qualified for entering top-notch universities. The cheat not only inflicts huge damages on national education, but the entire society as well.
Thursday,  Jul 12, 2018,20:51 (GMT+7)
The topic of handling waste disposal is being unearthed again at the ongoing meeting of the HCMC People’s Council, as the environment is still worsening despite numerous solutions have been adopted. Discussions at the meeting this Wednesday have made big headlines in local media, not only because of the severity of the problem, but also owing to the solutions being revisited time and again without the desired enforceability.
Thursday,  Jul 5, 2018,20:24 (GMT+7)
Businesswise, the prospects are irresistible when the potential investor puts forth a huge project worth VND2,100 billion, or roughly US$91 million, to develop a cable car system linking Duy Xuyen District and Hoi An City in Quang Nam Province. The ancient town’s authorities, however, have brushed aside the project in a straightforward manner, saying the investment scheme is not aligned with the city’s cultural merits. In a sense, traditional values prevail in the competition with economic benefits.
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