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knee pain

Knee pain from running

Running and walking have been chosen by many people as a way to stay fit. But excessive practices may cause some health problems, the first sign of which is knee pain. Knee pain is fairly common. Since knee joints play an important role in human mobility, the inflammation of knee joints will have a bad impact on such functions as sitting, standing, running, walking, and jumping. According to Suc khoe & Doi song news site, physical activities like walking or running may cause knee joint pain. Such pain is often seen in runners and those having physical activities that affect knee joints for a long time. Females, especially middle-aged women, suffer from knee pain more than males do. Those with obesity can easily suffer from knee pain. The following risks may cause knee traumas for walkers and runners: – Excessive workouts – Kneecap (patella) injury – Luxating patella – Flat feet (fallen arches) – Weak thigh muscles – Improper warmup Tips on how to relieve knee pain If your knees are painful when walking or running, try to take a rest and avoid moving around too much. To relieve the pain, you can apply cloth bag containing ice onto your […]
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