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Early Tet scenes in Saigon

By Thanh Hoa

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HCMC – Tet, the Lunar New Year holiday, in Vietnam—which often falls between late January and mid-February—begins to be felt as of the beginning of January. Normally, the closer Tet comes, the busier Vietnamese people are on the streets, in offices and at home. This year, the Year of the Tiger 2022, the atmosphere welcoming Tet seems to be less hectic because of the lingering effects of Covid-19 attacks. However, take a trip around town and you’ll still see some traditional Tet scenes in Saigon.

Many groups of young friends and family members in ao dai, the traditional Vietnamese long dress, want to capture the images of the last days of the old year with springtime in the air. If you love to take pictures, just grab your camera and visit several shopping malls or public places in downtown Saigon, and you will have very beautiful photos of elegant ladies in their ao dai.

The author of this article, a “non-native” resident of HCMC who has lived here for many years, really loves the ambiance of Saigon when Tet is nearing, which in his opinion is incomparable. Waiting for nobody, that ambiance penetrates every corner of the city.

The Year of the Buffalo is ending to give way to the Year of the Tiger. Hopefully, last year’s dramatic losses will also give way to luck, wealth and prosperity to everybody.

A shop selling Tet ornamental objects on Hai Thuong Lan Ong Street in District 5
More shops on the street
Do I look funny?
This beautiful lady also holds one branch of dao and one branch of mai, and they are both… artificial.
This gentleman is holding a branch of dao (Prunus persica) flowers when on his back is a branch of mai (Ochna sp.) flowers. These flowers are the most popular during Tet.
The vintage moped of this girl is admired by passers-by
Ao dai, the traditional long dress, is indispensable before and during Tet, as it helps Vietnamese women expose their beauty
A lady and her loaf of stuffed bread pictured by her friend
Non la (conical hat) and sen (lotus) are also seen during Tet
Lucky money in red envelops is also an integral part of Tet
Young Saigonese in ao dai. Do you want to try one? OK! Let’s do it!

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