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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Saigon Times CSR

Cultivating humane values for the community

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Saigon Times CSR

  • Offering opinions and advice to build the CSR-minded bussiness environment
  • Connecting CSR-minded enterprises
  • Improving enterprises' community awareness
  • Ensuring the sustainable development of enterprises

Attending to the needy

For DXC Vietnam, giving help where it is most needed has long been the company’s moral practice, and as such, the IT service provider...

We are committed to our mission to accompany enterprises in their meaningful journeys. The Saigon Times CSR program will reflect and acknowledge strong devotions of the business circle for the benefit of the community, and to assert the society’s confidence that the community spirit continues to fly high.

Tran Minh Hung

Editor-in-Chief of The Saigon Times Group

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