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CSR 2023

Sustainability requires collective effort

In pursuit of sustainable development, it is vital to recognize that sustainability is not a given but rather a result of concerted efforts from various stakeholders with a shared objective. This view was shared by panelists at the “Sustainability and Beyond” seminar, held on November 15 by the Saigon Times Group as part of the Saigon Times CSR 2023 Merit Ceremony. A defining moment Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has risen to unprecedented prominence, capturing the attention of businesses committed to sustainable development. Embracing sustainability is seen as a strategic imperative, offering companies a means to navigate an uncertain landscape marked by imminent threats like climate change, pollution, and the depletion of natural resources. The “Sustainability and Beyond” seminar, held on November 15 by the Saigon Times Group as part of the Saigon Times CSR 2023 Merit Ceremony, underscored the critical role of sustainability in business operations. Experts and business leaders emphasized how sustainability can enhance resilience against immediate and long-term challenges, ensuring consistent growth and insulating businesses from market fluctuations. Despite the growing importance of sustainability, challenges persist. Establishing a well-defined framework for the effective implementation and measurement of CSR activities is a pressing need. Transparency and accountability in the […]
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Sustainability requires joint efforts from stakeholders

HCMC - The pathway toward sustainable growth is a multifaceted, comprehensive endeavor that needs the participation of all stakeholders, heard at a seminar titled...

The PAN Group – a pioneer in forestation

Tree-planting activities are often conducted by enterprises in their corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, but The PAN Group, or PAN, has pushed harder. For...

Following the charity footprints of BSR oil refinery

During 15 years since the establishment of Binh Son Refining and Petrochemical Joint Stock Company (BSR), executives and workers of the operator of Dung...

PTSC incubates a generation of job-ready students

A paradox has persisted, for decades, in the education sector: university graduates for the most part often find it hard to look for jobs...

Frasers Property Vietnam moving towards greenizing properties

Achieving sustainable development for commercial and industrial properties is always a huge challenge, but Frasers Property Vietnam (FPV) is realizing this goal for its...

Cathay Life Vietnam sows the seed for bright future

Since day one when entering the Vietnamese market, the Taiwanese-invested Cathay Life Vietnam has pronounced the motto “Sow the seed today for a prosperous...

Fico-YTL builds platform for the future

FiCO Tay Ninh Cement Joint Stock Company, or Fico-YTL, has over the years had a mission of being the “Building Platform for the Future”,...

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