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breakthrough policies

Three breakthroughs for HCMC

The formula of success for HCMC in the past in line with theories and practices elsewhere in the world has been analyzed and reviewed. The city can now single out strategic approaches to quickly implement Resolution 98. HCMC is facing what are described as the toughest development challenges since 1975. At the mid-term review conference of the HCMC Party Committee on July 15, 2023, senior officials of the country pointed out the issues the city is coping with and what is expected from the city. HCMC authorities at the conference also admitted to obstacles, restrictions and challenges facing the country’s biggest economic hub, how it has fared comparatively poorer than other localities in the country and other regional rivals. Resolution 98, which was just adopted by the National Assembly to offer more liberal mechanisms and policies for the city, is the leverage for the city to take strategic approaches to change the situation. The single choice for HCMC is to accomplish the mandate with concrete results. The unsatisfactory outcome of the National Assembly’s Resolution 54 on special mechanisms for HCMC and that of action plans and strategic programs implemented in the past two decades show that working methods play a […]
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Off to a good start

The National Assembly Standing Committee reached a consensus to send the NA the draft of a resolution on piloting new policies for HCMC’s development...

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