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Calories and weight

Does calorie burning help lose weight? Theoretically, you should burn calories so as to lose weight. However, such a method that has been applied for decades is not correct. Instead, the quality of food and a healthy lifestyle are the right way to have a healthy weight. Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford – an American obesity medicine physician, internist, pediatrician, and an associate professor of medicine and pediatrics at Harvard Medical School – said the idea of the balance between calories in and calories out in weight loss is both obsolete and wrong. Even if you have calculated your calories intake and output carefully, the result might not be as good as expected. . You may have the same calories intake as others, but weight loss results are different from each other. According to Dr. Stanford, one should forget their calories and focus on improving the quality of their diet and lifestyle in order to have a healthy weight. If balancing calories intake and output is not the best way to manage your weight, what should you do to lose weight? Following are Dr. Stanford’s recommendations: • Focus on the quality of your diet: Upon planning for a meal, try to […]
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