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carbon border adjustment mechanism

Act now before it is too late

The export of agricultural and food products from Vietnam faces significant challenges stemming from recent regulations and technical barriers in foreign markets, including measures related to animal welfare, anti-deforestation, and carbon emissions reduction. Successfully addressing these challenges while concurrently pursuing sustainable development presents a complex endeavor for Vietnam’s agricultural sector. Coping with new export barriers Just days before the Lunar New Year 2022, a shipment of Bidrico bird’s nest drink faced a setback when U.S. customs suspected the use of animal-derived flavors. With Vietnamese government agencies on Tet holiday mode, Bidrico had to collaborate with European partners to swiftly obtain the required documentation, ensuring the successful clearance of the shipment the following day. “Without prompt action, the shipment could have been held by customs for several weeks,” Nguyen Dang Hien, chairman of the BOD and general director of Tan Quang Minh Manufacture and Trading Company Limited (Bidrico), said. He further highlighted the challenges plaguing exports at the “Removal of hurdles and market expansion in the F&B industry” forum held in mid-January by the Saigon Times Group in partnership with NS BlueScope Vietnam. This incident highlights the need for vigilance among Vietnamese businesses to address non-tariff barriers, particularly related to health […]
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