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Unseen aspects of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has opened up opportunities for individuals in Vietnam to earn money online without any upfront investment. However, delving into this marketing model reveals several hidden aspects worth noting. With a substantial following on my Facebook page, I decided to explore the world of affiliate marketing by joining programs offered by three e-commerce platforms. What I discovered during my three-month journey was far from the initial allure and expectations – affiliate marketing hides its fair share of surprises. View attraction and link spreading When I embarked on my affiliate marketing journey, I believed it is a straightforward endeavor. I assumed that by posting marketing links, I would automatically receive commissions for every sale generated through those links. However, after a month of seemingly transparent work, my commissions amounted to less than VND100,000. The reason for this disappointment became apparent when I noticed that users were avoiding, hiding, or even reporting my posts when they encountered sales information and e-commerce platform links. Perplexed by this, I sought advice from an experienced friend who introduced me to an affiliate marketing community comprising several hundred thousand members. Here, I gained valuable insights into the strategies employed by many to earn money in […]
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