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E-commerce is a lifeline

Amidst challenging economic conditions, many Vietnamese businesses have demonstrated their resilience as they have overcome woes and expanded their markets through cross-border e-commerce, thereby securing new orders and sustaining growth Early achievements Cross-border e-commerce platforms have had a significant impact on Vietnam’s export sector. An increasing number of enterprises are actively leveraging these platforms to boost sales, enhance their brand presence, and directly engage with global customers. Even start-up businesses are embracing e-commerce strategies to penetrate foreign markets. An Phat Holdings JSC, a Vietnamese manufacturer of bio-based materials and compostable products, has successfully expanded its customer base globally through the Amazon e-commerce platform. Nguyen Le Thang Long, deputy CEO of the company, announced that AnEco products are now available on the Amazon marketplace, reaching tens of thousands of customers. Impressively, sales of AnEco products on Amazon have recently soared. Vietnamese clothing brand V-SixtyFour, owned by VitaJean Co., Ltd., is making notable strides in the South Korean fashion market by focusing on expanding its cross-border e-commerce activities. Pham Van Viet, CEO of the company, said that sales in South Korea accounted for nearly 6% of total V-SixtyFour product sales last year. The demand for V-SixtyFour products in the country has continued […]
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