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Vietnam amid the semiconductor supply diversification

The global semiconductor industry is undergoing vigorous diversification, and Vietnam, an attractive destination for foreign investors, is seeing a great opportunity to become a regional hub for the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Diversification of the global semiconductor supply chain Semiconductors are important for various high-tech industries in today’s modern world. Almost all electronic devices essential for businesses and living activities contain semiconductors, and as such, these microchips can be considered the most valuable resource, so to say. Data showed that while manufacturing in general slowed down in 2022, the global semiconductor industry still grew 4.4% to over US$580 billion in revenue. Analysts estimate the semiconductor industry’s total revenue this year could shrink to US$515 billion, but bounce back to US$576 billion in 2024. Despite the sizeable scale of the semiconductor industry and its crucial importance, the semiconductor market is highly susceptible to supply chain disruptions which have occurred frequently over the past few years. The Covid-19 pandemic, the Sino-American trade war and the military conflict in Ukraine have taken a toll on the semiconductor supply chain. While the demand stays high, the microchip industry has faced challenges in terms of production and logistics. The shortfall has been seen across the world, […]
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