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environmental impact

Prevention is better than cure

During the rainy season this year, landslides have struck numerous areas, leaving behind multiple fatalities and environmental damage. A thorough review of completed and ongoing projects is imperative. Adjustments, if necessary, must be made to ensure the safety of both construction and operation in the best interest of residents in project locations. It is high time to cope with rising landslides in many parts of the country as delays would exacerbate the situation. For instance, Soc Son District in Hanoi City, where protective forests were cleared for construction of guest houses and villas. Even though the 2019 conclusion by Hanoi inspectors on nearly 800 construction violations requested the restoration of original forested land, the illegal development of guest houses for commercial purposes has persisted. In early August, a landslide occurred within a construction area. The excavation of the mountain foot, deforestation, and stream alteration for housing developments pose the impending risk of more severe landslides in the future. Halting projects in landslide-prone locations Following the recent landslides in Dalat City, local authorities have undertaken a review of construction projects with potential landslide hazards. Among these is the Dalat Flower Valley housing project. The project proprietors have been instructed to cease […]
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