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F&B industry

Elevating quality to new heights

In both the automotive and food and beverage industries, discerning customers prioritize quality above all else. They are willing to invest in products or collaborate with companies that offer superior quality. What is more, if this quality is achieved through sustainable practices, it becomes even more appealing. This was the message from participants we spoke to at the recent Food & Hotel Vietnam 2024 tradeshow held at the Saigon Convention and Exhibition Center from March 19 to 21. “People believe that American products are of high quality and are therefore willing to consider them,” said Jessica Tram Nguyen, a representative at Bluetech Ingredients, a Vietnamese company that imports American Ginseng from Wisconsin. She was promoting their products at their booth, a joint effort with the American Ginseng Council of Wisconsin. Bluetech’s B2C (Business to Consumer) business offerings include American Ginseng and Cordyceps water, as well as American Ginseng and Ganoderma (Lingzhi) water, conveniently packaged in small bottles under the brand Hepius. These products are also available online through platforms like Shopee and Lazada. Additionally, Bluetech operates a B2B (Business to Business) arm called EXHERB, which produces extracts and concentrates from various healthy herbs such as Lingzhi, Cordyceps, and Ginseng powder. […]
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