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green economy

A bumpy road

Amidst the challenges of climate change, pollution, and dwindling natural resources, businesses are increasingly compelled to transition towards the circular economy. However, this shift is not without its hurdles. Despite being in the minority and encountering numerous barriers, businesses persist in moving forward and show no signs of giving up. During the “golden” decades of linear economic development, businesses thrived under conditions of resource exploitation, mass production, consumption, and disposal. This era favored cheap and appealing goods, often at the expense of environmental and health standards. However, given climate change, pollution, and resource depletion, businesses are compelled to embrace the circular economy model. This approach, centered on the principles of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle (3R), emphasizes minimizing resource use, extending product lifespan through repair and reuse, and promoting material recycling. Tough to change Achieving change is not a straightforward process. Despite growing awareness of its necessity and urgency, businesses face numerous barriers. According to surveys, innovation and cost are among the most significant obstacles. Innovation, crucial for implementing technical solutions in production processes, often requires substantial investment. However, amid economic instability, this upfront investment may not guarantee immediate profit. While consumers increasingly value environmentally friendly products, they may hesitate to […]
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Consumers in sustainable development

In the realm of green economy and sustainable development forums in Vietnam, the representation of individual consumers often remains obscure. While consumer protection associations and...

Going green for global market expansion

Major international retailers are eyeing Vietnam as a crucial supplier and are establishing their presence by setting up offices in the country. This increased...

Vietnam’s climate finance estimated at US$757 billion by 2030, says IFC

HCMC — The International Finance Corporation (IFC) has estimated that Vietnam's climate finance demands could reach US$757 billion by 2030. This huge investment for climate...

HCMC takes lead in greenhouse gas emissions

HCMC – HCMC, despite being the driving force behind Vietnam's economy, also holds the dubious distinction of being the country's largest greenhouse gas emitter,...

Vietnam, Japan to join forces to advance green growth

HCMC – The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has pledged to partner with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to strengthen Vietnam’s capacity...

Sustainability drives foreign investment

To maintain its competitiveness in the region and continue attracting foreign direct investment (FDI), Vietnam must adapt to evolving investment preferences and take proactive...

Who will benefit from carbon credits?

The carbon credit market is poised for significant growth. Who will be impacted and who stands to gain from this evolving landscape? High demand ahead With...

Green public investment

As Vietnam is stepping up public investment, should the country earmark a certain amount for green public investment? There are good lessons of other...

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