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Grateful to predecessors

Future generations in HCMC (formerly Saigon) should forever be grateful towards predecessors who chose this land other than anywhere else to settle down and establish and develop the city. I am turning 70 now, and have been living in Saigon for 50-plus years, traveling a lot, witnessing ups and downs, and becoming increasingly aware of the great values of Saigon as the land of luck. There are always some cities in the world devastated partially or fully each year by earthquakes, and in 2023 alone, as many as six quakes occurred in Morocco, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey and Syria, killing thousands of people and reducing scores of cities or towns to rubble. Those cities are developed on the fault lines of the earth crust, and are prone to earthquakes whenever a volcano turns active or upon the collision of two continental plates. It is a great blessing for Saigon as the city since time immemorial has never been hit by a quake, though high-rise buildings in the city are designed to resist quakes of up to 8.0 on the Richter scale. I believe that Saigon will never be menaced by a quake, and God will, the earth crust will remain stable […]
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Growth target beyond reach?

As external factors – like weaker consumption in the U.S. and EU markets and stagnant recovery in China – are unfavorable, Vietnam will have...

NA approves 2022 GDP growth target at 6%-6.5%

HCMC – The National Assembly (NA) on November 12 adopted a resolution on the country’s socioeconomic development plan for next year, approving the gross...

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