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insulation materials

Small markets, big opportunities

Amidst challenging economic conditions, a Vietnamese insulation materials company has experienced significant growth by focusing on core production and implementing a new management approach. The Viet Long factory, one of the three facilities operated by Khai Hoan Insulation Joint Stock Company, stands as a unique manufacturing plant in Vietnam. It directly produces rockwool, a crucial raw material for insulation boards. The production technology, including blending ratios, has been developed in-house by the company, and their engineers have upgraded machinery themselves instead of relying solely on imports. Currently, Viet Long is operating at 60% of its designed capacity, producing 25,000 tons of raw materials annually. Ngo Nguyen Ngoc San, CEO of Khai Hoan Insulation JSC, remarked, “The factory boasts significant production capacity, yet the domestic market remains relatively small. We are actively pursuing opportunities in international markets.” From “a corner store” to industry leader Over two decades ago, Khai Hoan Insulation was nothing more than a trading enterprise, often likened to a “corner store,” dealing in construction, interior furnishings, and HVAC products. However, with a well-planned strategy and unwavering determination, the company has transformed itself into a prominent manufacturer in the Vietnamese insulation material market. Khai Hoan made its foray into […]
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