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Real estate market after 2025

The 2024 Land Law was passed by the National Assembly at an extraordinary session at the beginning of 2024, officially completing the process of legalizing the “trilogy” of real estate laws in the new period. From around the 2025 Lunar New Year, all three laws, namely the 2023 Housing Law, the 2023 Real Estate Business Law, and the 2024 Land Law, will come into effect. However, all preparations and forecasts for the real estate market under the new regulations can be seen now. Tightening in the right places From the market perspective, it is not difficult to understand why the laws tend to “tighten” the real estate market, mainly from the supply side. Firstly, although listing 32 cases of “land recovery for socio-economic development for national interests or public interests,” Article 79 of the 2024 Land Law promptly excludes cases where the State recovers land for transfer to investors to carry out real estate business projects, as proposed and discussed extensively in previous draft versions. This means that access to land from the source possibly by interest groups, resorting to State-imposed land prices, has been blocked. Land supply in the real estate market will be scarcer, and this could have […]
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