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macro economy

Investor anxiety is high

If the gold rush either continues or intensifies without timely interventions by regulators, Vietnam’s macroeconomic targets for 2024 might be affected. Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Huu Huan at the HCMC University of Economics discussed the issue with The Saigon Times. Behind the trend The Saigon Times: We are witnessing in the local market both high-risk investment portfolios (stocks) and low-risk investment portfolios (gold, U.S. dollar, real estate) increasing in value while the prospects for the economy in 2024 are still unclear. Why? – Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Huu Huan: One of the reasons is that the deposit interest rates at banks have remained at their lowest levels, making people reluctant to deposit money. They seek other channels to invest their money, diversify investment channels, and seek higher profits. Meanwhile, the world is eagerly awaiting the U.S. Federal Reserve’s interest rate cuts. Many forecasts suggest that if this happens, the U.S. economy in particular, and the global economy in general, will recover. For gold, when the Fed’s funds rate decreases, the price of gold will rise. Expectations are emerging in the global gold market, and domestic investors are in a “fear of missing out” mood. We see not only SJC gold […]
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Charting a way forward in 2024

A key takeaway at the Government’s monthly presser in November 2023 is that the National Assembly has delivered a message for 2024, which is...

Vietnam targets GDP per capita at US$3,900 in 2022

HCMC – The Government has issued Resolution 01/NQ-CP on socioeconomic targets for 2022, following which the Government targets a gross domestic product (GDP) growth...

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