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market trends

New market trends

In recent times, social media has consistently featured distinctive and viral trends that have swiftly permeated Vietnamese society. Within the online community and among consumers, an array of products and culinary creations has gained immense popularity. These include chicken salad with mangosteen, custard apple herbal tea, hand-squeezed lemon tea, dragon fruit pasta, and salt coffee. Many experts underscore the importance of crafting content with the potential to become trendy, as a vital strategy for promoting Vietnamese products, especially agricultural ones. However, there is growing concern about the impact of these trends on the local market and the holistic perception of Vietnamese products. One significant advantage of swiftly spreading content lies in its capacity to promptly and efficiently address situations that could otherwise lead to products becoming ripe and forgotten. The rapid dissemination of viral content has proven instrumental in propelling new products into the limelight. Nonetheless, it is important to note that hitching one’s business wagon solely to these fleeting trends may expose companies to unforeseen risks. Chasing after short-term trends can often prove detrimental to a brand’s overall image and long-term viability. Marketing campaigns that fixate on capitalizing solely on current popular elements frequently disregard the crucial investment required […]
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