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monetary policy

Hidden risks for brisk growth

Though half a year has has passed, the real estate market has barely improved despite multiple measures being taken to back it. More time needed Despite various supportive measures, the real estate market in Vietnam showed no significant improvement in the first half of 2023. Interest rates have been a key concern, with lending rates remaining high despite the State Bank of Vietnam’s (SBV) efforts to lower them. The SBV has made four key interest rate cuts since the beginning of the year, indicating its orientation toward lowering deposit interest […]
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Market expectations for July

Although the market may slow down in July, there will be divergence among industry groups, as money continues to move flexibly to those companies...

Growth target beyond reach?

As external factors – like weaker consumption in the U.S. and EU markets and stagnant recovery in China – are unfavorable, Vietnam will have...

Banks step up bond buybacks

While real estate firms are still grappling with woes, including cash flow problems that have rendered them helpless to take back their bonds that...

Bright outlook amid monetary easing

Monetary policy is gradually shifting from tightening to easing again. Following the two interest rate cuts in late March, the central bank has signaled...

Navigating monetary policy amid economic turmoil

Exercising prudence in navigating monetary policy has become more critical than ever as recession risks, escalating inflation, slow global trade growth and a banking...

The May fear factor

Data in the past showed that the market performance in May was not always the worst. In recent years, the “selloff in May” phenomenon...

Limited monetary policy options

As monetary policy tools are nearly exhausted, fiscal policy needs expanding to spur growth as more challenges are on the horizon. Boosting public investment...

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