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monetary policy

Monetary policy challenges

Were interest rates recently hiked to either “harmonize” with foreign exchange rate management objectives, or indicate a shift towards ending the monetary loosening policy intended to support the economy? Interest rates are rising again The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) increased interest rates for open market operations (OMO) and Treasury bills on May 22 this year. The SBV lent nearly VND25,000 billion to nine members in the seven-day OMO channel at an annual interest rate of 4.5%. Compared to the previous session, both the loan amount and the interest rate were revised up. This was the second time in a month that the central bank hiked the OMO interest rate. Previously, it adjusted up the yearly interest rate for loans from 4% to 4.25% on April 23, with securities used as collateral. Also on May 22, the SBV issued VND650 billion in 28-day Treasury bills with a winning coupon rate of 4% per year, up from 3.9% in the previous session. The higher OMO and Treasury bill interest rates indicate that the SBV is seeking to revise up short-term rates. The rate hikes took place at a time when the exchange rate between the Vietnam dong and the U.S. dollar […]
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Differences in money supply

The credit growth target which the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has set for this year is 15%. There has emerged concern over the...

Expecting new FDI influx

Experts expect a continued flow of FDI into the country, particularly in the semiconductor industry, and high-tech and value-added products. A roller-coaster ride After serving as...

Uncertainty still prevails

High forex pressure was felt in Vietnam in 2022 due to interest rate hikes by major central banks in the world, and the year...

Still in bad shape

The real estate sector has continued to face challenges even after multiple rounds of interest rate cuts. It has struggled to absorb the available...

Sensitive to monetary policy

The real estate market is inherently sensitive to monetary policy changes, a fact that has been evident in numerous past crises. In the current...

No compromise

“The standards of monetary and credit policies cannot be lowered. Setting the bar low can only solve the issue immediately but would not be...

Asia continues to fuel global growth, but economic momentum is slowing

The region is likely to see faster disinflation, but prospects for growth in coming years are dimming. Strong consumer spending has supported growth in Asia’s...

Hidden risks for brisk growth

Though half a year has has passed, the real estate market has barely improved despite multiple measures being taken to back it. More time needed Despite...

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