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Global branding

Building a strong national brand has long been a priority task of governments worldwide, with strategies and policies aimed at promoting their country’s brand image and message on the global stage. A successful national brand not only enhances a country’s reputation internationally but also facilitates the exportation of domestic products to foreign markets. While studying abroad, I had the opportunity to share a taste of Vietnam by gifting packets of Trung Nguyen coffee to a mentor of mine. However, to my surprise, my well-educated teacher was unaware that Vietnam was a major player in the global coffee market as it was the world’s second-largest coffee exporter. It was disheartening to realize that the Vietnamese brand, particularly of coffee, did not enjoy the recognition I had anticipated. Brand of an entire nation A nation’s brand is akin to a mosaic, where each reputable brand serves as a vital piece in its construction. Consider the profound trust instilled by labels like “German quality” or “Swiss made” among consumers worldwide. This demonstrates the immense value of a strong national brand. In Vietnam, there was a time when consumers sought after products with the label “Made in Japan” which is synonymous with quality, particularly […]
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