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Pork imports

Ministry wants lowest environmental protection tax on fuels in 2023

HCMC – The Ministry of Finance has sought to keep the environmental protection tax on fuels at the lowest levels, proposing the Government submit...

Vietnam imports nearly US$190 million of pork in Jan-Oct

HCMC – Vietnam had imported 89,000 tons of pork products worth US$189.02 million in the year to October, contracting over 34% in volume and...

Pork imports may ebb away late this year

HCMC – Vietnam’s meat imports will not spike later this year, while pork imports are likely to decrease, the Ministry of Industry and Trade...

Imported frozen pork prices fall sharply

HCMC - Despite being sold at half the price of domestic pork, the demand for imported frozen pork is still in decline. Imported frozen pork...

Pork imports from Russia soar ten-fold

HCMC - Pork imports from Russia surged over 1,000% in the first quarter of this year, making Russia the biggest supplier of pork to...

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