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power shortage

EVN leaders face discipline over recent power outages

HCMC - The Commission for the Management of State Capital at Enterprises (CMSE) has recommended reprimanding the leadership of Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN) for...

Solutions for power shortage

The imbalance in regional power supply and demand has exacerbated the power shortage in northern Vietnam. Are there any immediate solutions to the situation? A...

Hydropower plants report higher water levels

HCMC - Water levels at all hydropower reservoirs in Vietnam have risen above critically low levels, according to Vietnam Electricity (EVN). As of June 20,...

Northern power firm urges power savings

HCMC - The Northern Power Corporation (EVNNPC), a subsidiary of the Vietnam Electricity Group, has called on residents in northern Vietnam to conserve electricity...

Northern Vietnam faces power blackouts

HCMC - Many parts of northern Vietnam are currently experiencing power outages due to a shortfall in electricity generation, reported the local media. Speaking at...

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