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price manipulation

Inactive accounts and price manipulation

Possibly, following the lead of MBS, other securities firms may also take steps to deactivate accounts that have remained dormant for an extended period. The total count of individual investor trading accounts in the domestic market might see a further decline during November. A decline in securities accounts The stock market showed promising signs of recovery in the first half of November, as the VN-Index rebounded to the 1,100-point mark, a notable turnaround from its seven-month low of 1,020 points on November 1. Increased trading activity and improved liquidity indicate a renewed influx of capital, driven by hopes of better market performance in the coming months. In contrast to previous years, the banking system is sitting on mountains of cash in the final months of the year due to sluggish credit growth throughout the year. As deposit rates continue to decrease, savers who had parked their funds in banks during the high-interest-rate period are approaching the maturity of their deposits and are likely to seek opportunities in the stock market. Besides the bullish trend in stock prices, another noteworthy development that has captured investors’ attention is the sudden decline in the number of securities accounts in October. Specifically, the number […]
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