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traditional markets

Traditional markets in need of revival

Traditional wet markets, deeply woven into the fabric of Vietnamese society, are facing significant challenges as e-commerce platforms have surged and consumer behaviors have changed tremendously. These markets, established as hubs of cultural exchange, must emphasize their heritage to rekindle their allure. Seeking solutions In late November 2023, the HCMC Department of Industry and Trade expressed grave concerns over the dire state of traditional markets in the city. Prominent markets such as Ben Thanh, Kim Bien, and An Dong have become lackluster, even during peak shopping seasons. Many vendors have been forced to transfer their stall leasing contracts while others have had no choice but to shut down. The dwindling sales in these markets can be attributed to the shift in consumer behavior from physical store to online shopping. Nowadays, people can effortlessly place online orders for a wide range of products, from sticky rice and vegetables to televisions, all delivered to their doorstep. Moreover, suppliers often find greater profitability in distributing goods through supermarket chains and convenience stores rather than traditional markets. Consequently, traditional markets are no longer the sole shopping destinations for consumers and are now grappling with existential challenges. Tran Phuong Quynh, deputy head of the Trade […]
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