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Massive layoffs result from slow order growth

HCMC – Many employees are dealing with reduced work hours or layoffs due to difficulties plaguing the manufacturing sector caused by a lack of...

Vietnam’s unemployment rate reported at 2.3%

HCMC – Some 68.7% of 51.9 million people of working age are employed, not counting those in the informal sector, while the unemployment rate...

Some 1.3 million Vietnamese workers to lose jobs in 2022: ILO

HCMC – The International Labor Organization (ILO) has downgraded its forecast for the recovery of Vietnam's labor market in 2022, predicting the number of unemployed laborers...

Over 1.4 million laborers left jobless in 2021

HCMC – More than 1.4 million people of working age in Vietnam were left jobless in 2021 due to the Covid pandemic, up 203,700...

Vietnam’s logistics industry hit hard by Covid-19 pandemic

HCMC - The Vietnamese logistics industry is among those hit the hardest by Covid-19, as the unpredictability and duration of the pandemic have presented...

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